Yearly check-up on Trump

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Yearly check-up on Trump

Written By Jordan Slobodinsky, Copy Editor

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Here we are, people. The year is 2018, and somehow, the world is not a pile of ash.

The presidency of Donald Trump turns one year old on Sunday, Jan. 20, and these past 365 days have been anything but normal for our president. Now, there have been some good moments (please take that with a grain of salt) but there have been quite a few more negative situations that have come out of Trump’s first year in office.

I’m not going to assault President Trump in this piece, but rather review a few of the major events of his first year as the leader of the free world. These events are at least the ones that caught my eye.

How about we start with Jan. 24, 2017 and the executive order to advance the building of the Keystone Dakota Pipeline? This was actually something I was a fan of because this pipeline has the potential to become a great source of energy for the United States.

However, the biggest controversy behind the pipeline was the damage it can cause to the environment. Trump signed an executive order to allow this, despite the protest of thousands of Native Americans, who would lose some of their land due to the pipeline. Trump promised jobs, and he sure did create them, but at a hefty cost.

Let’s fast forward to July 26, 2017, when President Trump initiated a ban on transgender citizens entering the military. As if the LGBTQ community was not already up in arms over him being elected, Trump decided to insult them even more. His point was that he did not want the military to be a “social experiment,” and I’m really not sure he could have said anything worse.

Citizens who are transgender have every right to join the military. If somebody can handle themselves in a military setting, then there is absolutely no reason they should not be allowed to join.

My final point actually just happened. On January 11, 2018, President Trump called the nations of Haiti, El Salvador and other African countries “shitholes.”

This is most likely the purest form of President Trump showing his ignorance.

It is one thing to be offensive, and it is another thing to actually insult entire countries. Perhaps President Trump needs a refresher in how to politely acknowledge another country. Regardless of what he does, he has truly shown how full he is of hate and malice.

We have three years left of this guy in office, barring any form of impeachment. This first year has been nothing short of an embarrassment, and I really am scared for the next few years.

This man thinks he knows what he is doing, and honestly I think he just flips a coin when making decisions. These next few years are going to be rough, but now more than ever it is important for us as Americans to come together and stand strong.

This first year was a bit abnormal, and I wish I could tell you that it won’t be weirder as it goes on, but it’s probably going to get weirder.

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