Point Park Globe

Third-World countries lack adequate educational facilities

Written By Danielle Thompson

June 29, 2008

In a nation that openly criticizes such legislation as the No Child Left Behind Act, it is necessary to recognize that despite the problems with the standardized tests that are required to receive federal funding, we, as Americans, are fortunate to live in a country whose leaders value education.The Br...

Graduates seek higher education despite cost

Written By Emily Newman

June 29, 2008

While Chris Hornak, an MBA student, has watched the failing Fortune 500 companies and the stock market crash with trepidation, he remains unaffected by the floundering economy. "The goal is to die before I have to pay back loans," Hornak, a first semester grad student going for his MBA, said. Hornak ...

Pittsburgh native creates opportunities for film in the city

Written By Katie Carroll

June 29, 2008

When John Yost set out to become an actor he was faced with an overwhelming statistic that said he would fail. To prove it wrong he called producers, directors, actors and others in the movie business and asked them why actors failed so he could do the exact opposite. Several commercials, some Off-Broa...

Acoustic Challenge plucks out Pittsburgh’s finest

Written By Kelly Piscopo

June 29, 2008

When Joy Ike performs her songs, she bares a bit of her soul-and her feet.Last Wednesday at Connections Coffee House in Oakland, she approached her keyboard, sat down, slipped off her shoes and placed her feet on the pedals, playing her way to a spot in the finals in Pittsburgh's Acoustic Challenge 2008...

Fifth-degree black belt teaches self-defense classes

Written By Michael Peiritsh

June 29, 2008

The blue plastic breaking board - equivalent to three and a half inches of wood - that Sean Elliot Martin held out, parallel to the floor from his midsection cracked loudly as Brittany Glaser tore through it with a quick upward thrust of her knee. The sophomore business management major's five fellow st...

Campus SuperStar takes two

Written By Katie Carroll

June 29, 2008

After a 15 minute judging on Sunday night Bryan Matechen and Khrista White, Point Park University Students, will be two of the 11 to go on to compete in the Campus SuperStar final on April 6 at the Carnegie Music Hall in Oakland.There were 28 other contestants at the semi-finals, held at the William...

Mexico City brings spice to Pittsburgh

Written By Jeanette Reft

June 29, 2008

Mexico City is the place to go for someone who is craving authentic Mexican dishes such as Soupa de Tortilla (tortilla soup), Traditional Burritos and entrees like Carnitas (sauteed pork). When walking into either location-411 Wood St. and 111 Smithfield St.- the atmosphere is festive -- from the br...

Activity center provides place for visiting children at county jail

Written By Jenna Pappal

June 29, 2008

Dr. Lorelei Stein believes reading is the foundation of success in school. This was her motivation behind purchasing three boxes of children's books at the Border's Outlet in Grove City. There was a great sale that day, she recalled - buy four and get a fifth one free. She, along with members of Alp...

Mark Hamill visits campus

Written By Michael Peirtsh and Carrie Potter

April 17, 2008

Barack Obama is like a new hope, said the man who was the "new hope" in the legendary "Star Wars" series.Mark Hamill, best known for his role as Luke Skywalker, spent an hour last Thursday drawing parallels between the United States government and another government system near and dear to his heart...

Young marriage of college students becoming a trend

Written By Carrie Potter

March 26, 2008

Amy Bell's fiancee bought her a Tickle-Me-Elmo doll three years ago. While she was laughing along with the red furry doll, Evan pulled a velvet box from his pocket-it was an engagement ring. She had just turned 20. Bell is one of several Point Park students looking to tie the knot in their early twenti...

Fick has hope for future of Point Park athletics

Written By Caitlin Righetti

March 13, 2008

Beginning to play volleyball with a balloon at the age of three or four, Jodi Fick has always been involved in sports.Her love of sports was inherited from both of her parents, who were coaches.Her mother even played lacrosse at Bowling Green State College before Title IX, an amendment banning sexua...

Hennigan shares strategic plan during faculty assembly, says increase in enrollment numbers vital for success

Written By Kyle Hause

February 6, 2008

The Wood Street corridor will be remade into a tree-lined street with adjacent Point Park University buildings, with the highly traveled Boulevard of the Allies intersection adorned with islands to slow traffic as part of a $54 million improvement plan. In addition to those details, on Monday, Point Pa...