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Do celebrity endorsements really persuade consumer buys?

Written By Dawn Stromberg

June 29, 2016

Tiger Woods and Nike, Michael Jordan and Hanes, Queen Latifah and Cover Girl, what do they all have in common? Companies like Nike, Hanes, and Cover Girl use stars to sell their product, which can be called celebrity endorsements. These advertisements can be seen on television, in magazines, heard on...

Dog lovers go to Animal Friends to find love

Written By Alex Stumpf

June 29, 2016

On Feb. 10, dozens of dog lovers attended Animal Friends' first ever "Must Love Dogs" speed dating event.While it may be speed dating, those who went to the North Hills animal shelter that night did not be coming alone. Instead, they brought their prized pooches to meet their perspective dates as we...

February Photo Contest

Written By The Globe

June 29, 2016

Febuary's photo contest winner is Freshmen, multimedia major, Gina Zuccolotto. Second place winner is Sean Mckeag and Jace Lumley.First place winner: Gina ZuccolottoSecond place winner: Sean McKeagThird place winner: Jace LumleyPhoto submissions for the March Photo Contest are being accepted until Ma...

‘Fitness with a twist’ boosts women’s confidence

Written By Faith Cotter

June 29, 2016

Half hidden in a string of yellow and brown brick buildings in the South Side in a room overlooking the city, women have a place where they can feel sexy, have fun and bond with their friends while strutting their stuff around a pole, all in the name of fitness and dance.Near the dance floor stood Va...

A virtual tour of the new Student and Convocation Center

Written By Madeline Mckain

June 29, 2016

The new center is located on the Boulevard of the Allies in the old YMCA building and features a variety of useable spaces for students. The gallery explores the new building from the entrance, down the hall, and through the games floor, the workout space, and more. To view the pictures, choose one fr...

AdFed/PRSSA host Miss Pennsylvania

Written By Kelly Cline

June 29, 2016

Pageants have become much more than just a beauty contest, and current Miss Pennsylvania and Point Park University student Juliann Sheldon plans to share her experience with students."Anyone can win this pageant because it is about scholarship and it is about education," Sheldon said.Sheldon will be...

Adventures in Africa

Written By Camelia Montoy

June 29, 2016

When I tell people I went to Africa this summer the first question I get asked always sounds like, “Why’d you go?” The immediate answer they’re expecting usually revolves around missionary work, because that’s why a lot of people go to Africa or a third world country. My answer doesn’t in...

Ben Folds makes his audience a priority at Club Zoo

Written By Nicole Chynoweth

June 29, 2016

A monstrous line of music lovers piled into Club Zoo on Thursday Nov. 11, 2010 to witness the vivacious showmanship of piano rock god Ben Folds, of both solo and Ben Folds Five fame. He came to Pittsburgh as part of his Lonely Avenue tour, which promotes his latest album "Lonely Avenue." For the album, Fo...

Blasey headlines Thursday night concert series

Written By Kelly Cline

June 29, 2016

Scott Blasey from Pittsburgh-based band The Clarks and local artist Jeremy Sessa played an acoustic set in Point Park University's new Village Park as part of the Thursday Night Concert Series. Check out our photos from the event.

BREAKING NEWS: Matthew Morrison (of GLEE) visits Point Park

Written By The Globe Staff

June 29, 2016

The Globe Staff was notified as we went to press that GLEE star Matthew Morrison will be visiting Point Park University's campus this Saturday at 4 p.m. in the GRW Theater. He is coming to support Pennsylvania Gubernatorial candidate Dan Onarato along with Senatorial candidate Joe Sestak. For more in...

Broken Social Scene repairs Pittsburgh

Written By Natasha Neira

June 29, 2016

 Broken Social Scene (BSS), a Toronto native band of nine to 16 interchanging band members, has been supplying music that creates emotion, texture and imagery to loyal fans since the late ‘90s. Last week, the band arrived in Pittsburgh to fulfill fans at the Byham Theater, and did that and more by...

Carnegie Mellon Presents Bhangra In The Burgh 4

Written By Mackenzie Brown

June 29, 2016

The lobby was packed with hundreds of people from around the world dressed in colorful attire: Indians, Americans and Pakistanis. The aroma of Indian food permeated the room.            Carnegie Mellon University and Mayur-SASA presented Pittsburgh's fourth annual Bhangra in the Burgh on No...