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Dancers balance physical and mental health
Friez brings varied background to cinema chair
Midway ends baseball team’s perfect RSC  record, takes 2 of 3

Written By Robert Berger, Co-News Editor
April 17, 2018

The Pioneer baseball team dropped two games to conference...

Weather finally clears for home softball games, Pioneers improve to 6-2 in RSC

Written By Jordan Slobodinsky, Copy Editor
April 17, 2018

The Point Park softball team swept Asbury on Friday...

The Globe’s Point – A summer sign-off from us

What does it really mean to be American?

I have been told it is something to be proud of. I remember getting emotional as a second-grader in an...

America and Syria: an ongoing saga

In the wake of a questionable decision to attack Syria with airstrikes, the internet has gone a little...

Life is short, do what you love

When someone dies, it makes you reflect on their life, their accomplishments, the way they impacted you. When...

Women are taking a stand and men have noticed

I’m not a person who likes to go out much, but the few times I have this semester, it’s been less...

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Janelle Monae demands to be heard on new singles
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Kayla Snyder

Copy Desk Chief

Kayla Snyder is in her fourth semester with the Globe and joined the Globe staff as a copy editor on day one. She now serves as one of the Globe's copy-desk chiefs. In addition, Snyder also is the co-host of the Morning Show on WPPJ radio and a crew member at the university’s TV station, U-View. Snyder can be reached by her twitter @kaylalsnyder and also by email at [email protected]

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