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Point Park police department joins ABLE Project

Partnership aims to train officers in peer intervention
Written By Zack Lawry, Co-News Editor April 20, 2022
Point Park’s Police Department has been accepted into the Active Bystandership for Law Enforcement (ABLE) Project, a program designed to train officers to intervene if a fellow officer is violating protocol.

SGA session comes to a close, new members sworn in

Written By Erin Yudt, SGA Beat Writer April 20, 2022

The Student Government Association (SGA) has officially ended for the semester as the organization’s final meeting was held this Monday, inaugurating next semester’s president, vice-president and senators.   Former...

University considers replacements for Schoology

Students, faculty, test multiple alternatives as Schoology contract nears end
Written By Caitlyn Scott , Co-News Editor April 20, 2022
Students and faculty could see a change in how they submit assignments and see grades in the near future as the university continues to test new grading platforms to replace Schoology.

SGA communications director steps down after losing presidential election

Written By Erin Yudt, SGA Beat Writer April 13, 2022

Former Student Government Association (SGA) presidential candidate Drew Simko has stepped down from his position as communications director, according to current SGA President Dennis McDermott. The announcement...

The Globe News Brief

Written By Caitlyn Scott, Co-News Editor April 13, 2022
This is the Globe News Brief for the week of April 13.

SGA appoints and censures members in two-hour long meeting

Written By Erin Yudt, SGA Beat Writer April 7, 2022

CORRECTION: In the print version of this article, the quote: "This is supposed to be professional, not personal. We need to learn how to keep bias out of this process" was incorrectly attributed to Kendra...

University to hold first inaugural Lavender Graduation

Ceremony to recognize LGBTQIA+ graduates and allies on campus
Written By Amanda Andrews, Editor-in-Chief April 6, 2022
In two and a half weeks, the university will hold its first inaugural Lavender Graduation.

The Globe News Brief – 4/6/2022

Written By Zack Lawry, Co-News Editor April 6, 2022

Scientists transmit broadcast of Earth’s location into space A radio signal dubbed the “Beacon in the Galaxy” (BITC) message is being broadcast by scientists into space in hopes of contacting...

Gas Prices spike cause commuter concerns

Increase in gas prices prompted by multiple factors including war in Ukraine
Written By Caitlyn Scott, Co-News Editor April 6, 2022
Students, faculty and staff who rely on personal transportation to campus have continued to be hit with increasing gas prices.

Tensions within Student Government rise as election comes to a close

Written By Erin Yudt, SGA Beat Writer March 30, 2022

With Vice President Kendra Summers absent, President Pro Temporo Nina Grund ran the Student Government Association’s (SGA) weekly legislative body on Monday, March 28.   At the conclusion...

New Dean of Arts and Sciences Named

New Dean of Arts and Sciences Named

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Editor Elect March 30, 2022

Following an extensive, nationwide search process, Point Park has named Doctor Josie Brown as the new Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences. The Globe sat down for an exclusive interview with Doctor...

Point Park announces new indoor mask policy

Masks to be optional indoors expect within instructional spaces and elevators
Written By Zack Lawry, Co-News Editor March 30, 2022
Point Park has announced an updated indoor mask policy in response to recent Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, only requiring masks to be worn “in indoor instructional spaces and on the elevators.”
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