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Tracking New Music Releases with Zac Wittman: Adele, Converge & Chelsea Wolfe, Richard Dawson & Circle, Cynic, Kaatayra

Written By Zachary Wittman, Music Columnist December 1, 2021
Thanksgiving has come and gone, but there were plenty of incredible releases served up. This batch of reviews covers some of the higher profile releases of the past two weeks. Even as the year winds down, many of these musicians are only getting started.

343 Industries mostly impresses gamers with Halo Infinite Multiplayer

Written By Dan Russo, Staff Writer December 1, 2021

4.5 Globes It’s no secret to my friends that I am a massive fan of Halo. My formative years were spent in the now offline arenas of Halo 3 and Halo Reach, Bungie’s swan song. I wore a Halo Reach...

‘tick, tick… BOOM!’ blows theatre fans expectations

Written By Kylie Thomas, Co-Features/A&E Editor December 1, 2021

4.5 Globes If you were a queer theatre kid in high school like me, you probably lived and died by the musical “Rent.” With rock-opera musical influences and a progressive LGBTQIA+ storyline, Jonathan...

Netflix holiday rom-com ‘Love Hard’ had potential but falls into genre pitfalls

Written By Rachel Ross, Co-Opinions Editor December 1, 2021

2 Globes Going into “Love Hard,” I couldn’t help but be a little bit apprehensive. In recent years, Netflix has attempted to dip its toes into the holiday movie market, usually producing lackluster...

‘Clifford the Big Red Dog’ emotionally invests viewers of all ages

Written By Zack Lawry, Co-News Editor November 17, 2021

3.5 Globes When you’re dealing with a dog as big as Clifford, it’s only appropriate that you see his movie on the big screen. Unfortunately, getting to a theatre can be a big hassle, and tickets...

Fans perceive Red (Taylor’s Version) ‘All Too Well’

Written By Tia Bailey, Co-Features/A&E Editor November 17, 2021

4.5 Globes Taylor Swift unearthed holy ground this past weekend when she released her re-recordings of her album “Red (Taylor’s Version).” The album features 30 songs - 20 re-recordings and...

Tracking New Music Releases with Zac Wittman: Silk Sonic, Courtney Barnett, Idles, Aesop Rock x Blockhead, They Might Be Giants

Written By Zachary Wittman, Music Columnist November 17, 2021
This is the week of duos, with many great albums being dropped by collaborations both new and old. Everything from punk to soul is represented, creating one of the most interesting release weeks yet!

‘The Eternals’ suffers from writing problems and lack of good action

Written By Dan Russo, For The Globe November 10, 2021

2 Globes “The Eternals” is the fourth Marvel film to be released since the re-opening of theaters following the COVID-19 pandemic. While the pandemic has given me a healthy break from Marvel content,...

Tracking New Music Releases with Zac Wittman: ABBA, Snail Mail, Limp Bizkit, SeeYouSpaceCowboy, Springtime

Written By Zachary Wittman, Music Columnist November 10, 2021

This week sees artists return after long periods of silence as well as many young voices avoiding sophomore slumps. There is certainly something for everyone this week. ABBA - Voyage Europop Released...

‘The Eternals’ comes off as bland to fans overall; only a few positives to take away from film

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Editor Elect November 10, 2021

3 Globes This review contains spoilers, because I cannot really emphasize my full thoughts on it without spoiling a few major plot points. Reader’s discretion is advised. “The Eternals” is...

Duran Duran mixes 80s roots with modern pop in ‘Future Past’

Written By Rachel Ross, Staff Writer November 3, 2021

4 Globes I began my descent into the Duran Duran discography in 2017. My obsession with the 1980s led me to discover the British new romantic music movement, which Duran Duran helped pioneer. I soaked...

Tracking New Music Releases with Zac Wittman: Ed Sheeran, The War On Drugs, Mastodon, Tori Amos, Kayo Dot

Written By Zachary Wittman, Music Columnist November 3, 2021
This week proves that they all cannot be winners. Despite a bunch of high profile releases, not everything lands like one would hope.
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