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Take comfort in the unknown, and finish out this semester strong.

Written By August Stephens, Co-Opinions Editor November 29, 2023
Post-fall break season is one of the toughest times of the year. Okay great, we all get to experience on-campus life again, but only for two weeks.

Globe’s Point: Corrections from our last issue

November 29, 2023
Happy week 13, Pioneers! We hope you had a wonderful and restful Thanksgiving break whether you traveled or stayed on campus. It is only a few more weeks until the end of the semester, and we wish you all the best in preparation for finals.

Is Pittsburgh a “Donut City” and is this problematic?

Written By Carson Folio, Co-Opinions Editor November 29, 2023
If your first thought when reading the title of this piece was something like, “more donut shops in the city? Who wouldn’t want that? I’m already against your cause, opinions editor,” then you would be forgiven.

The Globe Editorial Staff rates Thanksgiving dishes

Written By The Globe Editorial Staff November 15, 2023

Thanksgiving serves as a time for friends, family or found-family to get together and eat a metric ton of food every year. Whether you celebrate a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, a modified one or none...

Want students to graduate on time? Offer the required classes

Written By Carson Folio, Co-Opinions Editor November 15, 2023

We are lucky enough to have advisors and coordinators who work hard to set up the lists of classes we need, who even make the effort of creating schedule outlines for the entirety of our time...

Globe’s Point: Take time for yourself this Thanksgiving break

November 15, 2023

Happy week 12, Pioneers! It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving break is already here and that finals are quickly approaching. We hope you have been having a great semester. Whether you are...

Daylight saving time is irrelevant if we have almost no daylight

Written By Carson Folio, Co-Opinions Editor November 9, 2023
Was that extra hour of sleep on Sunday helpful? Considering we are mere weeks away from finals week, any extra bit of sleep that you can get is good enough.

Globe’s Point: Accept the election results even if you don’t like them

November 9, 2023
Happy week 11, Pioneers! Midterms are officially over. It is hard to believe there is less than two weeks until we reach Thanksgiving break.

Students need to put their survival first and be free

Written By August Stephens, Co-Opinions Editor November 9, 2023
Congratulations, everyone. You’ve made it this far, and you can keep moving forward.

Westmoreland Transit implements accessibility system

Written By Cassandra Harris, Editor-Elect November 1, 2023

Last Wednesday, after my last class at 5:40, I went to catch the final 1F Westmoreland Transit Bus for the night. I’ve been riding with the service since I began commuting last year. It’s...

You are never too old to celebrate the spooky spirit of Halloween

Written By Carson Folio, Co-Opinions Editor November 1, 2023

Even though Halloween is now 364 days away, it is still relevant to discuss this fall holiday — whether you celebrate it by going out dressed as a character you like or just by going...

Globe’s Point: We need action against gun violence now

November 1, 2023

Trigger Warning: this column discusses themes of gun violence. Happy week 10, Pioneers! We hope you were able to take some sort of pause on this year’s Pioneer Pause and that you all had...

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