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Why is it hard for athletes to come out as gay?

The homophobia that haunts the sports world
Written By Kayla Sterner, Co-Sports Editor April 28, 2023

In 2023, it is no secret that there are gay athletes in the major sports industries, but why are there such few athletes out of the closet? The WNBA undoubtedly has the most openly LGBTQ+ athletes and...

Globe Staff Senior Reflections

April 19, 2023
Senior staff Editors Jake Dabkowski, Mason Strawn, and Kylie Thomas reflect on their time at Point Park University and The Globe.

Students deserve more time off, respective holiday breaks

Written By August Stephens, Opinions Editor April 12, 2023
At this point in the semester, I believe most of us are burnt out. The cyclical process of turning in assignments, listening to lectures, and completing group work becomes harder day by day. I have personally heard from a few professors that teaching in the midst of multiple national crises has been exhausting. When just living is tiring, fulfilling prior commitments does not make life any easier. 

Globe’s Point: Boost needs to be open on weekends

April 12, 2023
Happy week 13, Pioneers! We hope you had a good Easter weekend (if you celebrate) and are ready for the remaining weeks of the semester. You got this!

Students deserve a day off between spring break and finals

Written By Erin Yudt, Editor-Elect April 12, 2023
It has been a little over five weeks since spring break. I don’t know about you, but to me, it has felt like years ago. The stretch from spring break to finals is exhausting and feels like we can never stop and catch our breath. My classes have been emptier than ever. We need at least one day off from classes in between spring break and finals.

Teachers deserve better safety precautions for gun violence

Written By Erin Yudt, Editor-Elect April 5, 2023
Content Warning: This article discusses mentions of gun violence.  We are less than 100 days into 2023 and there have been 89 gun related incidents in school. That is nearly one for every day this year and over 74 people have been killed or injured, not including the shooters, according to the K-12 School Shooting Database. Take a moment to let that sink in. 

Globe’s Point: We need off-campus crime alerts from Point Park Police

April 5, 2023
Happy April Pioneers — it’s week 12! We are finally in the last month of the semester which means the end is right around the corner.

The Internet Archive should remain online

Written By Carson Folio, Staff Writer April 5, 2023
On March 24, 2023, a judge on a lower court in Southern New York ruled against the Internet Archive in Hachette v. Internet Archive, determining that the scanning and uploading of books that they had purchased for their website was copyright infringement. The Internet Archive operates an online “Open Library” that normally only allows one person at a time to lend a digital copy of a book for two weeks, much like a traditional library.

Neurodivergent people should honor Autism Acceptance Month

Written By August Stephens, Opinions Editor April 5, 2023
April is Autism Acceptance Month, previously known as Autism Awareness Month. For my neurotypical people reading this right now, being aware is simply not enough. I am not asking you to spend days, months or even years researching neurodivergent populations, but I am demanding you put in the bare minimum. 

Five Below needs diverse makeup options

Written By Cassandra Harris, News Editor March 29, 2023
With its recent opening, Five-Below offers some great deals in the city. Target on the other hand has fallen ill to basic economics with more costly city prices than their suburban ones. 

Proposed TikTok ban is not about protecting security

Written By Carson Folio, Staff Writer March 29, 2023
On March 23rd, TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew testified on Capitol Hill regarding concerns about the app and its collection of user data. He was bombarded with questions that proved that those who want the app banned have no idea how technology works. This was made clear when U.S Rep Richard Hudson (NC) asked Chew “does TikTok access the home Wi-Fi network?”

Globe’s Point: We need affordable eating options downtown

March 29, 2023
Happy week 11, Pioneers! April is right around the corner, which means the end of the semester is right around the corner. We are so proud of all the work you have done and hope that you finish the semester strong. Be sure to schedule for classes for next semester if you have not already done so.
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