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Getting locked out is stressful for all involved

Written By Steph Weiland, Staff Writer March 15, 2023
Tuesday morning, I left my room in hopes of getting a hot latte,  I was running a little late. Because of this I was in such a hurry that I just slammed my door and left. Once I was outside, I came to the realization that I had forgotten my keys in my room. I started panicking, trying to open the door to my room. It was not working, of course, because I did not have my keys. I ended up calling public safety and then I was redirected to residence life. 

Globe’s Point: Mid-March check-in

March 15, 2023
appy week nine, Pioneers! We hope you remembered to change your clocks this past weekend and that you are feeling some of that seasonal depression wearing off! It is hard to believe that the end of the semester is only a little over a month away. We are so close and we wish you luck for the rest of the semester. 

In order to make political progress, we must learn to listen to each other better

Written By Carsen Brunn, Staff Writer March 15, 2023
I want to highlight a conversation I feel is necessary to have within our current political landscape. We have become complacent as our political culture has been hollowed out. We live in a time that incentivizes quick, emotion-driven interactions where insults and a desire to “win” are at the center of our socialization with each other. We have lost our capabilities to understand each other, make genuine human connections, and realize that we are all Americans at the end of the day.

Attacks on Generation Z over technology are unnecessary

Written By Carson Folio, Staff Writer March 15, 2023
Gen-Z almost never seems to get a break. We are called too sensitive for not turning a blind eye to the oppression of marginalized people, too lazy for not wanting to work a 9 to 5 that pays very little and too reliant on technology. It is not our fault that many of us were exposed to technology or the internet at a young age; most of Gen-Z was born into having these resources readily available so of course we get accustomed to it.

A ban on drag is a ban on freedom

Written By Brooke Stephens, Opinions Editor March 8, 2023
The state of Tennessee has recently passed two bills into law. The first bans drag in public places, and the second forces trans youth to detransition within one year. Enacting both of these laws into power means that Tennessee is publicly, and loudly, forcing trans people into silence.

Globe’s Point: The importance of news during difficult situations

March 8, 2023
Welcome back from spring break, Pioneers! We hope all of you were able to rest and recharge a little for the remainder of the semester. We want to acknowledge that the start of the break was very difficult, to say the least, for the cast and crew of “Newsies.”

Point Park University owes its work-study students an apology and has a direct responsibility to ensure their wellbeing for the rest of the semester.

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Editor-in-Chief March 8, 2023
Point Park University owes its work-study students an apology and has a direct responsibility to ensure their wellbeing for the rest of the semester.

Opinion – Daytona 500 is nostalgia personified

Written By Steph Weiland , Staff Writer March 8, 2023
While watching the 75th annual Daytona 500 and hearing the engines roar, nostalgia struck me. It felt like the good old days when my pap came over and both pap and dad would watch NASCAR races together. I remembered those Sunday afternoons watching NASCAR while I played with my legos. As a kid my favourite Disney movie was Cars and I absolutely adored listening to Life is A Highway by the Rascal Flatts. I guess some may say it made sense then why I liked playing with matchbox cars and listening to NASCAR on the radio.

Backlash surrounding Fetterman hospitalization shows mental health stigma

Written By Ana Bellamy, Staff Writer February 22, 2023
Content warning: This article includes discussions around mental illness and hospitalization. If you or a friend are experiencing mental health issues, please seek support through the Resolve Crisis Center or dial 988. 

We value parasocial relationships too much.

Written By Brooke Stephens, Opinions Editor February 22, 2023
Human beings in the age of the internet have exacerbated parasocial relationships. They are one-sided relationships where one person is extending all of the mental and emotional energy out to another party.

Globe’s Point: Good luck on midterms and enjoy spring break

February 22, 2023
Happy week seven, Pioneers! It is crazy to believe that we are already halfway through the spring semester and three quarters of the way through the academic year. You should be so incredibly proud of yourself and all the hard work that you have been doing. Put down this paper right now and give yourself a pat on the back. It is time to reward yourself this spring break.

The Globe is an editorially independent newspaper

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Editor-in-Chief February 22, 2023
The Globe is an editorially independent newspaper. We are entirely student-run, and no one from the university is allowed to tell us what we can or cannot publish. The minute that the university makes a decision on what can be published, we will stop being a newspaper.
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