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Judging Java: Downtown Coffee Shops Ranked

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Editor-In-Chief April 19, 2023

Well folks, this is it - the final installment in The Globe’s long-running Judging Java series. For maximum impact, I personally recommend reading this while listening to the song Komm Susser Tod from...

The life and legacy of disability rights activist Judy Heumann

Written By Rachel Ross, Co Features/A&E Editor April 19, 2023

“There are about one billion people with disabilities: that’s the size of China. But we- you in this room- together, we can make a difference, together, we can speak up for justice, together, we can...

Black Student Union leaders kickstart new student duo bakery with free samples

Written By Cassandra Harris, News Editor April 13, 2023

  To put their foot in the door, small business owners sophomore Kayla Brown and junior Brandon Rodgers reserved a table in Lawrence Hall under the Black Student Union’s name. They were giving...

Judging Java: Black Forge Coffee II

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Editor-In-Chief April 4, 2023

For April Fools’ Day, my comedy band was asked to play a show last minute to fill in for someone at Black Forge Coffee II in McKees Rocks. The show was very fun as it is always nice to play some saxophone...

Stories Like Me actively works to create a safe reading space for children

Written By Alexis Wary, Staff Photographer March 29, 2023

The power of Stories Like Me has brought families to tears when seeing a character resemble them for the first time in their life. Located in Greenfield, this local bookstore provides a safe space for...

Judging Java: IKEA

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Coffee Columnist March 29, 2023

IKEA may stand for Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnayrd, but in my eyes, it stands for IKEA Keeps Everything Amazing. Every piece of furniture that I have bought and assembled from IKEA has been an amazing...

The Globe’s editorial staff reflects on McDonald’s memories amid shutdown announcement

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Editor-in-Chief March 29, 2023

With the closing of the Downtown Pittsburgh McDonald's, the Globe staff has elected to share some of our favorite memories and our feelings on the closing. Jake Dabkowski, Editor-In-Chief My all-time...

Decaf irish coffee from Orbis

Judging Java: Orbis Irish Coffee

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Coffee Columnist March 22, 2023

A long time ago in Ireland, a man named Patrick allegedly played the flute and got rid of a bunch of snakes. Then he became Saint Patrick because the Catholic Church, much like Indiana Jones, hates snakes....

Opinions columnist Jason Riley details career journey

Written By Erin Yudt and Jake Dabkowski March 22, 2023

In the Center for Media Innovation (CMI) Speaker Series, Jason Riley, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and a columnist for the Wall Street Journal, visited the university and spoke on his career...

Kitschs heatless hair curler, including rod and scrunchies

Heatless hair curler offers decent alternative to traditional iron, especially for those looking to avoid heat

Written By Rachel Ross, Co Features/A&E Editor March 22, 2023

Over spring break, I came across a hair product, of which I am always on the lookout, that caught my eye: Kitsch’s heatless curling set. I find a lot of fun and enjoyment in styling my hair, whether...

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