Point Park Globe

Spring 2021 Staff

Jordyn Hronec

Jordyn Hronec

Hronec is a senior multimedia major in her fifth semester at The Globe. After consistently contributing last fall as a staff writer and copy editor followed by serving in the spring as co-news editor and then editor-elect, Hronec...

Amanda Andrews

Andrews is a senior multimedia major and the Editor-in-Chief for the Globe. She began as a beat reporter for student government before gaining editing experience at both the news and features desks.

Jake Dabkowski

Jake Dabkowski is a junior broadcast production major and was a news editor for two semesters. He now serves as the Editor Elect.

Nardos Haile

Nardos Haile is a senior journalism major and the Co-News Editor of The Globe.

Virginia Garner

Gin Garner is a the News Photo Editor for The Globe this semester.

Alexis Bonifate

Alexis Bonifate is the SGA Beat Writer for The Globe this semester.

Kylie Thomas

Kylie stepped into the role of Co-Features/A&E Editor last year after writing many reviews during her freshman year. She is a junior multimedia major.

Tia Bailey

Tia Bailey

Bailey is a senior journalism major. Starting out as both a social media coordinator and copy editor, this semester she continues her role as co-features/A&E editor.

Joie Knouse

Knouse was a frequent photography contributor last semester and joins editorial staff this spring as the Features Photo Editor.

Chandni Shah

Chandni Shah is a junior English major. She is the Opinions Editor this semester after serving as a copy editor her freshman year and Copy Desk Chief as well as Co-Opinions Editor last year.

Shannon Hartnett

Shannon Hartnett is the Co-Opinions Editor. She has served on The Globe since her freshman year, and is currently a senior english major.

Luke Mongelli

Luke is the Co-Sports Editor this semester after spending a semester on the news desk. Luke is a sophomore journalism major.

Mason Strawn

Mason has written for the sports section since his freshman year and continues his third semester as the Co-Sports Editor.

Zachary Wittman

Zac Wittman is a music columnist this semester at The Globe.

Alexis Wary

Alexis Wary is a contributor and has served as a staff photographer for The Globe.

Sarah Gibson

Sarah Gibson

Senior journalism major Sarah Gibson wears many hats at The Globe. She currently serves as a sports columnist writing "Mascot Mania" on a weekly basis.

Lorie Simonian

Lorie Simonian is a Copy Editor at The Globe.

Cameron Webb

Cameron Webb is a Copy Editor this semester at The Globe