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New Zombie Cinema class creeps into new semester
Career development shares best resume tips
Road teams roll past men’s basketball again

Written By Derek Malush, Staff Writer
January 23, 2018

It has been a rough start to the new year for the ...

Sock, songs and stretches help prepare superstitious Pioneers for stable success

Written By Dara Collins, Co-News Editor
January 23, 2018

Senior Jryi Davis wears the same green and white Nik...

Sam’s Club surprises loyal workers with unemployment

Trump stumbles into racist comments

Donald Trump has said many things. I should say typed, because most of them come from behind a computer scree...

The Globe’s Point – The government is whack, yo

We’ve all been exposed to this immature blame game our government has become obsessed with over the ...

Spring semester tips to help get students on track

There’s never been a time when I considered myself to be a self-starter as a student. I’ve always ma...

Student defines the importance of a free press

When I was a child, I watched a lot of superhero shows and read a lot of comics. Two of my favorite ...

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Kayla Snyder
Kayla Snyder

Copy Desk Chief

Kayla Snyder is in her forth semester with the Globe and joined the Globe staff as a copy editor on day one. She now serves as one of the Globe's copy-desk chiefs. In addition, Snyder also is the co-host of a weekly two-hour radio show on WPPJ radio and a crew member at the university’s TV station, U-View. Snyder can be reached by her twitter @kaylalsnyder and also by email at [email protected]

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