Point Park Globe

Fall 2017 Staff

Casey Hoolahan

Social Media Coordinator

Casey Hoolahan is a senior broadcasting reporting major who got her start writing feature stories for the Globe. She's currently the social media coordinator for The Globe, but Casey also works for Point Park's other two stud...

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Lauren Clouser

Co-Features Editor

Sophomore journalism major Lauren Clouser is in her first semester as the co-features editor for The Globe. She has been with The Globe for three semesters, and has previously served as a copy editor and staff writer. ...

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Alexander Popichak


Alexander Popichak is a contributor to the Globe, and served as the editor-in-chief in 2017. He is humbled to have served during the Globe's 50th anniversary celebration this past spring. Spring 2018 marks his sixth semester on...

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Emily Bennett


Emily Bennett's relationship with the Globe dates back to her first semester as a freshmen at Point Park in the fall of 2015.  She now serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Globe, and has previously served as the Copy Desk Chief and...

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Allison Schubert

Co-Features Editor

Allison Schubert is a sophomore broadcast journalism major with a minor in Public Relations and Advertising. She is actively involved in the athletic communications department, where she works both behind-the-scenes and on-air for ...

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Lauren Ortego

Co-Opinions Editor

In her fourth semester at the Globe, Lauren is currently a co-opinions editor after one semester of copy editing and two of copy-editing. She is a mass communication major in her senior year and will graduate in April....

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Carley Bonk


Carley Bonk is in her first semester as Editor-Elect of The Globe. Spring 2018 marks her third semester on editorial staff, and fourth semester with The Globe. Previously, Bonk was a features editor, copy editor and a contributing ...

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Robert Berger

Co-News Editor

Robert Berger is in his first semester as a news editor with the Globe. The junior multimedia major served last semester as co-sports editor. Prior to being on editorial staff, Robert had contributed photography and stories to...

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Kayla Novak

Copy Editor

Kayla Novak is a senior Broadcast Production major & English minor in her last semester. She has been a copy editor for The Globe since her second semester at Point Park. She is also the current Podcast Director at WPPJ 670 AM...

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Nikole Kost

News Photo Editor

Nikole Kost is in her third semester as a Globe photography editor. Previously, she worked with the features section and was a regular photography contributor. Kost also serves as Point Park’s National Press Photographers Association...

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Jordan Slobodinsky

Co-Opinions Editor

Jordan Slobodinsky is in his second semester as co-opinions editor and in his third semester overall at the Globe. Before the junior journalism major's move to the opinions desk, Slobodinsky served as a copy editor.

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Kayla Snyder

Copy Desk Chief

Kayla Snyder is in her fourth semester with the Globe and joined the Globe staff as a copy editor on day one. She now serves as one of the Globe's copy-desk chiefs. In addition, Snyder also is the co-host of the Morning Show on ...

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Nicole Pampena

Co-News Editor

Nicole Pampena is in her fourth semester at the Globe, joining The Globe staff as a copy editor on day one. Previously serving as a features editor, Pampena is now in her second semester as news editor with The Globe. She also...

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Beth Turnbull

Co-Opinions Editor

Beth Turnbull is a senior mass communication major with a concentration in public relations from North Huntingdon, PA. This is her 5th semester with The Globe. Turnbull interns with WordWrite Communications, works as a School of Communicat...

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Gracey Evans

Photo Editor

After shooting for the Globe during her freshman year, Gracey Evans joined the Globe's editorial staff at the start of her sophomore year as the sports photo editor. Fall marks Evans' fourth semester with the editorial staff as...

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Josh Croup

Co-Sports Editor

Josh Croup served as the editor-in-chief of The Globe during the 2016 calendar year and is currently the co-sports editor. Croup has covered a wide variety of news stories for The Globe from a professor's resignation to faculty...

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