Point Park Globe

Spring 2019 Staff

Carley Bonk


Carley Bonk is the Editor-in-Chief of The Globe. Fall 2018 marks her sixth semester on editorial staff, and fifth semester with The Globe. Previously, Bonk was a features editor, copy editor and a contributing staff writer. Sh...

Dara Collins


Dara Collins is a junior journalism major in her sixth semester at The Globe, this time taking on the role of Editor-Elect. Dara previously served as co-sports editor and frequently wrote the volleyball beat for the sports section. ...

Andrew Brinker

Co-News Editor

Trying his hand at print journalism as a freshman broadcast reporting major, Andrew joins The Globe staff this semester as a co-news editor.

Jordyn Hronec

Co-News Editor

Hronec is a freshman journalism major in her second semester at The Globe. This spring, after previously being a copy editor and staff writer, she is a co-news editor.

Payton Comunale

Co-Features Editor

Payton joins The Globe this semester as a freshman journalism major and co-features editor.

Amanda Myers

Co-Features Editor

Myers is a senior journalism major and history minor returning to the arts and entertainment desk this spring, this time in addition to being features editor. This is her third semester on editorial staff after also serving as...

Allison Schubert

Sports Editor

Allison Schubert is a junior broadcast reporting major with a minor in public relations and advertising. Schubert is in her fifth semester with The Globe, joining the sports desk this fall as an editor and columnist after previo...

Gracey Evans

News Photo Editor

After shooting for the Globe during her freshman year, photojournalism major Gracey Evans joined the Globe's editorial staff at the start of her sophomore year as the sports photo editor. This spring marks Evans' eighth and final...

Kelsee McHugh

Features Photo Editor

McHugh is a sophomore multimedia major in her third semester as features photo editor for The Globe, previously working as a frequent contributor and staff photographer during her freshman year.

Robert Berger

Sports Photo Editor

Robert Berger is in his second semester as a sports photo editor with The Globe. The junior multimedia major previously served two semesters as co-news editor and one as co-sports editor. Prior to being on editorial staff, Robert...

Jordan Slobodinsky

Opinions Editor

Jordan Slobodinsky is in his fourth semester as co-opinions editor and in his sixth semester overall at the Globe. Before the senior journalism major's move to the opinions desk, Slobodinsky served as a copy editor and frequently...

Nicole Pampena

Online Editor

Nicole Pampena is in her sixth semester at The Globe, joining The Globe staff as a copy editor on day one. Previously serving as a news editor and features editor, Pampena enters her second semester as online editor. She is a juni...

Sarah Gibson

Co-Copy Desk Chief

Sophomore journalism major Sarah Gibson joins as one of The Globe's copy desk chiefs and layout editor. She spent the fall semester as co-news editor after serving as a copy editor her freshman year.

Hannah Walden

Co-Copy Desk Chief

Junior journalism major Hannah Walden is in her third semester as co-copy desk chief, and has served two semesters as a copy editor, and has worked as both a staff writer and USG beat writer.

Hannah Johnston

Copy Editor

Johnston is on staff this semester as a copy editor, staff writer, and staff photographer.

Nick Horwat

Copy Editor

Nick Horwat is a senior journalism major and in his fourth semester at The Globe. Previously serving as an arts and entertainment section editor and copy desk chief, Horwat returns to being a copy editor this spring. ...

Kayla Snyder

Public Relations Director

Kayla Snyder is in her sixth semester with the Globe and joined the Globe staff as a copy editor on day one. She now serves as one of The Globe's public relations director after previously serving as copy desk chief and news edi...

Alysse Baer

Graphic Designer

Baer is a freshman graphic design major gaining experience at The Globe as our graphic designer for the second semester.

Tia Bailey

Social Media Coordinator/Copy Editor

Bailey is a freshman mass communication major in her second semester at The Globe. She joins as both a social media coordinator and copy editor.

Joie Knouse

Social Media Coordinator/Staff Photographer

Knouse was a frequent photography contributor last semester and joins editorial staff this spring as a social media coordinator and staff photographer.

Jared Murphy

Staff Photographer

Murphy is a frequent contributor to The Globe and serves this semester as a staff photographer. In spring 2018, Murphy took on the position of news photo editor as well.

Brooke Steach

Staff Writer

Brooke joins The Globe's editorial staff this spring as a staff writer.

Mitchell Drake

Staff Writer/Delivery Assistant

Drake is a frequent contributor to The Globe and is on staff this semester as a staff writer. He also serves as a delivery assistant when the paper goes out on Wednesdays.

Kortney Lampel

Delivery Assistant

Lampel is on staff this spring helping deliver The Globe around campus as a delivery assistant.