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Funds requested by Pilates Club denied

A week after failing to make quorum due to a lack of attendance, Point Park University’s United Student Government (USG) got back on schedule with its weekly meeting Monday, April 4.

The agenda for this Monday’s meeting included allocation of funding for the Pilates Club, an event recap of Pioneer Community Day (PCD) and a referendum to add a new position to the communications committee, which would require a change to USG’s Constitution.

Vice President Gabe Dubin called the meeting to order at 3:03 p.m. and Sen. Bobby Bertha kicked things off with a motion to amend the minutes from last week’s rescheduled meeting, which took place on Wed, March 30. The motion was approved and discussion quickly moved on to budget allocation for the Pilates Club.

The Pilates Club requested that the USG allot them a total of $730: $80 for a guest teacher for the master class, $250 for officer training and $400 for a Pilates Certification Scholarship. The Pilates Club currently has only four certified officers, and is seeking further education for those officers, which would take place partially online.

According to Madeline Gullett, vice president of the Pilates Club, one student would receive a scholarship that would have partially paid for class on how to teach Core Mate 1 classes through Power Pilates, in person. Power Pilates is a national organization with training centers around the country, including two in Pittsburgh.

Dubin asked of the senate how many officers would be returning in the fall. A senator responded that the Pilates Club did not indicate how many of those officers would indeed return for next term. Due to scarcity of funds, only one of the three requests was considered. Ultimately, the USG chose to grant a request for $80, but recommended an allocation of zero dollars for both officer training and the scholarship.

USG also addressed the proposed resolutions to add a new graphic design coordinator position to the communications committee. The proposed amendment would create the position of graphic design coordinator, who would assist the committee chair “on account of the topics regarding graphic design and advertising” and “design a constant stream of marketing content for all social media and marketing campaigns” according to the proposed legislation.

In compliance with bylaws passed Monday, the coordinator would be hired through an interview process conducted by the President, Vice President, Secretary of Press and at least one advisor. The coordinator would serve as both a voting member of the communication committee and a non-voting member of the legislative body. 

In addition to the special duties of the position, the coordinator would have to serve three office hours during each week that USG is in session, and he or she would be compensated with a $250 stipend taken from USG’s internal budget at the end of each academic term.

The addition of a new position to USG requires an amendment be made to the USG Constitution and must be approved by referendum. Students will be able to review and vote on the proposed legislation at the referendum station during the USG elections, which take place April 11-15.

Dubin stated that there was “no new business” to be addressed by the Student Concerns Committee, so the legislators moved on to a discussion about raising student awareness of USG recruitment and the looming elections via social media marketing. Members were urged to acknowledge the importance of sharing social media posts. One senator suggested a new marketing strategy to get students involved in USG by including a flyer in the information bags left in each dorm during move-in week.

USG recapped and reviewed Pioneer Community Day, which took place Sat, April 2. Sen. Bertha deemed the event a “massive success,” and Sen. Dylan Contrino said that he’d noticed that some of the graffiti on the Roberto Clemente Bridge had been covered. 

62 percent of those who registered for the event showed up to volunteer, with 61 non-USG students in participation. Altogether, they logged a total of 248 volunteer hours. A representative for the Office of Alumni Relations acknowledged complaints from some members of the faculty and staff who have been keen PCD participants in the past, claiming they did not receive emails notifying them about the event.

The legislative body also briefly discussed Lobby Day, the Presidential Bike Ride, the Outstanding Student Awards Dinner and the upcoming elections.

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