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Staff Profile: Co-Sports Editor Matt Petras

Sophomore journalism major Matt Petras Journalism is in his second semester as Co-Sports Editor at The Globe. He is this week's featured Globe staff member! 

 photo by Chloe Jakiela

– Why did you join The Globe?

My pal Michael Richter needed an assistant sports editor whenever our current Editor-in-Chief Josh Croup moved up to the Editor-Elect position. I don't know much about sports and have never been a fan, to be honest. I can say that the position has given me an appreciation for the subject that I didn't have before.

How did you hear about The Globe?
I heard about it before I was even a student at some sort of incoming students event.
Why did you choose Point Park?

I have never really wanted to do anything professionally besides writing. Point Park always seemed like the best option but the cost of tuition was intimidating. Thankfully, I managed to get a scholarship that essentially cut my tuition in half.
What do you like the most about a college newspaper's sports section?
I like that the sports section has forced me out of my comfort zone. I have never liked sports, so I have learned a lot. Speaking to such impressive and dedicated athletes has also been very humbling. 

If you could write for any other section, which one would you write for and why?
I've written for every section at least once and enjoyed them all. Honestly, I find the sports section the most enjoyable. There is always a profile to do, so I never felt like I had think too hard about what to write about and who to interview. This freed me up to focus on telling interesting stories.

What is your favorite memory of The Globe?
I really enjoyed befriending Tony Mendicino. He is a bright kid whose hair is only matched in quality by his support of Bernie Sanders.
In three words, The Globe is… 
Sad and hilarious. 
In three words, Point Park is… 

Overpriced city livin'
Coke or Pepsi?
Pepsi. I used to be a Coke guy but I've realized Pepsi is sweeter.

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