University Center hosts PodCamp 6

Written By Celeste Begandy

Sunday was the last day of PodCamp Pittsburgh 6, a social media “un-conference” for the Internet-savvy in the area. Held in Point Park University’s University Center, the variety of sessions had something to offer for any Tweeter or Stumbler.Sessions started at 10 a.m. Registered attendees had the choice of five sessions to join within the hour, with a total of 25 sessions on Saturday and 20 on Sunday. Nearly 50 speakers were present, and session topics ranged from social media basics to blogging for profit. Most sessions were lectures, but audience members were free to ask questions and participate.These seminars were not statistically-bogged, however, the many lectures offered helpful advice to those who were not regular Internet users.Speakers Shawn Graham and Tom Kubilius explained “social storytelling” in their session, stressing the elements of good writing practices for Internet authors. They showed the importance of dedication to one’s topic through the YouTube videos Vegan Black Metal Chef. The videos are a series of cooking shows performed by a less-than-traditional chef, which Graham and Kulilius explained to attendees that in they need to be a “nut” and stick to the genre of their work, even if the number of hits isn’t apparent yet.Only seven Point Park students were registered, but local business men and women attended. Katie Conlon, a marketing manager for Giant Ideas, learned new tricks at PodCamp.”I’ve been networking with other people I’ve met through Twitter,” she said.Michelle Hammons spoke in the session Blogging 201 this year, discussing ways to make a blog successful. She, along with Jenna Hatfield, offered advice concerning successful blogs dos and don’ts. They cleared the rumor about getting rich off writing for the Internet – it’s a long shot, as it’s “mostly luck,” she said. She’s celebrating her third year with PodCamp.”It’s the best way for Pittsburgh to connect and learn about social media, and have fun,” Hammons said.  Registration was free and included a T-shirt, but VIP tickets could have been purchased for $25. VIPs got their name listed as an individual sponsor and a bag of items from PodCamp’s corporate sponsors.For more information regarding PodCamp, visit