Zombies invade Downtown!

Written By Kelly Cline

Visitors to Market Square yesterday put on their best attire, including tattered prom dresses spewed with blood and other torn articles of clothing, revealing bloody organs and protruding bones. The screeching screams and grumbling groans taunted the city and spooked those that dared to get close as zombies joined together at the 2011 Pittsburgh Zombie Fest.Complete with an array of zombie-appropriate contests, such as a scream-off and a brain eating contest, and musical performances including The Gothees and Four Barrel Ghost, the fest was deemed a success by its participants.The scream-off started the competitions, daring people to let out their most excruciating yells to captivate the audience. Five-year-old Chloe Carbone from Beaver County, dawned in pig-tales and a bloody pink dress, won over the crowd lending her the title for the best horror scream.Other events that followed included a brain eating contest, “Zombie Olympics” and an “Ugly Pageant.”The night concluded with “The Walk of the Dead,” allowing the zombies to somberly walk the streets of Pittsburgh, scaring off those that were deemed survivors of the zombie apocalypse.Brianna Chynoweth of Burgettstown summed up the night, delving into the details of a successful zombie attack as the walk began.”Everyone went into a zombie frenzy,” Chynoweth said. “First thing I did was run at the speed of light and look for a good place to hide like any good hunter would and wait for a survivor to come around … Suddenly, when they least expect it and their back is turned, you pounce. Jump at them, tackle them to the ground, and rip them to pieces. Finally, when they’re done, run and find another prey to strike.”