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Generation Z needs to help older generations learn about diversity

Educating people who do not understand the importance of diversity is important.
Written By Brooke Stephens, Opinions Editor November 30, 2022
Generation Z, for those who do not know yet, is the generation that comes after Millennials. The age range in 2022 typically falls from 18-25, but in some circles, the generation could arguably span a few more years in either direction. The post-millennial generation has gained increasing representation in the public eye, largely for pushing the right to vote and basic human rights. In the media, we are most often known for eating Tide Pods. 

Globe’s Point: We need better and faster communication from campus police

November 30, 2022
Welcome back from Thanksgiving break, Pioneers! We hope everyone had a restful time, whether you went home or stayed in the area, and are a little more charged to get through these last few weeks before finals. However, there is something we need to address that occurred right before break.

Newspapers must be saved

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Editor-in-Chief November 30, 2022
Over Thanksgiving break, many people I spoke to had a similar reaction when learning of my involvement with this paper. Without fail, each person said to me “but aren’t newspapers dying?”

Globe’s Point: Have a great Thanksgiving break!

November 16, 2022
Happy last issue before Thanksgiving break, Pioneers! It’s hard to believe that this is already week 12. We are so close to the end of the semester that it is in hand’s reach. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back for all of your hard work. 

Automatic soap dispensers are terrible

Automatic Georgia-Pacific EnMotion soap dispensers favor facilities over the consumers and are more wasteful than wasteless.
Written By Cassandra Harris, Staff Writer November 16, 2022
In theory the idea of an automatic soap dispenser is a good idea. It’s a way to reduce contact germs and portion the amounts of soap that people receive. And as it was pointed out to me, it's also a great tool for the handicapped. Yet this tool is flawed. It favors facilities over consumers and the amount of soap that it portions out is completely inadequate for what anyone should need to wash their hands.  

Celebrate Thanksgiving only as a social holiday

We, as a community, need to celebrate and appreciate Indigenous Peoples Month.
Written By Brooke Stephens, Opinions Editor November 16, 2022
In the upcoming weeks, millions of people will be gathering with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving. There will be hugs, refreshing conversations, but also begrudging political comments as well. 

Globe’s Point: Accept the election results

November 10, 2022
Well, Pioneers, midterm elections are officially over. The months of political ads showing up on every media and social platform are over as well. We hope you had the chance to practice your right to vote and made your voice heard, whether in-person at the polls or voting by mail. 

Legalize and destigmatize marijuana use

Marijuana needs to stop being treated like heroin.
Written By Jake Dabkowski, Editor-in-Chief November 10, 2022
Is there anything as unjustly hated in this world as marijuana? Probably not. For years marijuana has been criminalized, compared to life-ruining substances like heroin.

Poll workers deserve protections, people should be safe protesting

Written By Brooke Stephens, Opinions Editor November 10, 2022
The Pennsylvania General Election took place on Tuesday, November 8th, 2022 and was one of the most highly-contentious elections the state has ever had. Topics such as women’s and abortion rights, income taxes, and climate change initiatives are all on the political table. At the time of writing this piece, the election results are not available.

Midterms determine abortion rights, LGBTQIA+ equity, and more

Written By Brooke Stephens, Opinions Editor November 2, 2022

On November 8th, 2022 Pennsylvania will be holding their general election. While I believe everyone should vote, this election is extremely impactful for everyone in the state. Every community member needs...

Globe’s Point: Schedule your classes and vote

November 2, 2022
Happy week 10 of classes, Pioneers! It is hard to believe that the first group for course registration opens tomorrow. A new semester is upon us, opening new opportunities. 

Democracy is on the ballot at this year’s midterm elections

Mastriano and Oz are disingenuous, Democratic candidates give minority communities hope
Written By Jake Dabkowski, Editor-in-Chief November 2, 2022
I’d like to start this opinion piece by emphasizing that The Globe does not endorse political candidates. While I am the Editor-In-Chief of The Globe, any perceived endorsement I am about to make is by my own free will and does not represent the opinions of any other member of The Globe or of the publication at large. Likewise, despite the fact that I have opinions on the election, this does not mean that our coverage has been or will be biased toward any candidate - we simply report the facts. This concludes the disclaimer portion of this article.
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