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Class of 2022 Senior Reflections: Farewell Point Park

April 20, 2022

Amanda Andrews, Editor-in-Chief A blinking cursor and a blank document have tormented me the last few days. I have written, and rewritten, drafts of this reflection many times over, never feeling satisfied...

Remembering Gerda Weissmann Klein’s legacy

Written By Rachel Ross, Co-Opinions Editor April 20, 2022

On April 3, 2022, Holocaust survivor Gerda Weissmann Klein passed away at the age of 97. Gerda’s life was forever changed in 1939, at just 15 years old, when the Nazi regime invaded her home country...

Globe’s Point: Enjoy the rest of the semester

April 20, 2022

Well Pioneers, we’re here. This is our last Globe’s Point of the semester, and, like many of you, we’re excited and ready to be wrapping things up. At the same time, however, we’d like to remind...

Reflecting on the end of freshman year

Written By Maegan Fewell, Staff Writer April 13, 2022

When people tell you college goes by quickly, they are not joking. I am approaching the end of my freshman year with only two weeks left in the semester, and it honestly baffles me every time I think about...

You should delete your social media

Written By Brooke Stephens, Co-Opinions Editor April 13, 2022
I am going to be perfectly honest, I am running off of absolutely zero energy right now. I have been busy all weekend and am finally getting the rest I need. However, I realized one large component of my life this weekend which always negatively affected my health: social media.

Charter schools deserve to be valued

Written By Rachel Ross, Co-Opinions Editor April 13, 2022
By definition, a charter school is, well, a school that follows a charter. A common misconception is that they are essentially private schools, which is not the case. Students do not have to pay to attend them; enrollment is usually determined by a randomized lottery.

You’ve Got This

April 13, 2022
It’s been nothing short of an incredibly tumultuous semester. New issues and stressors have come out at every corner, whether from the ongoing pandemic, the economic effects on inflation, or just the general struggles of being a college student.

The Globe’s Point: Point Park needs to work on communication

April 6, 2022
Point Park has a serious communication problem. We’ve written about this before, but the mask-optional policy changes have exposed the fact that this is way more widespread than any of us initially believed.

Take the time to heal from burnout

Written By Brooke Stephens, Co-Opinions Editor April 6, 2022
Burnout: a mental health related phrase that may be thrown around too much but also not taken as seriously as it should be. With four weeks left in the semester, you are probably feeling like you're drowning or exhausted. There are days where getting out of bed is the chore, and you feel like you can’t even leave for class.

Oscars bring comedians’ role into question

Written By Jake Dabkowski, Editor Elect April 6, 2022
At this point in my life, I consider myself a comedian. An amateur comedian, sure, but I still consider myself a comedian. I’ve been performing live comedy for over five years now in multiple forms, and I’ve also been involved in multiple internet comedy specials. I spend most of my time as one half of Pittsburgh’s favorite comedy duo band, The Moon is a Hologram. We earned the title of Pittsburgh’s favorite comedy duo band on a technicality as there aren’t any other comedy duo bands in the area, but that’s neither here nor there. 

Congress should pass Daylight Saving Bill

Written By Rachel Ross, Co-Opinions Editor April 6, 2022
I had never really given a ton of thought to Daylight Saving Time previously. I’ve always filed it in my brain as something that just happens. You know, you do the whole thing with the clocks, even though we’ve reached the point now where a majority of them are automated and change on their own, everyone complains that they’re losing an hour of sleep and it’s still pitch black outside at six in the morning. 

The Globe’s Point: Please be flexible with new masking policy

March 30, 2022
Last week in this column, before Point Park announced their changes to the mask policy, that “regardless of what happens, everyone must be flexible and understanding.” At the time of writing that, we had no idea what, if any, changes would be made to the mask policy.
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