Discount exponged at YMCA after new student center opens

Written By The Globe Staff

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The opening of the new Student and Convocation Center this week has brought students a glimpse of the Point Park University of the future. However, by cause and effect, students can no longer use the YMCA for a discounted cost of $30 a semester.Now, students who are under 28 are asked to pay the young adult fee of $46 a month. Students over 28 are expected to pay the adult rate, which includes a $75 one-time join fee as well as the monthly $52 membership costs. The YMCA is boasting a free trial week for Point Park students from Sept. 6-12.This, at first, may seem reasonable considering the fact that the university is now operating the building, which has a Rec room as well as a work out room with the suitable equipment. Because of this major purchase by the university, they are no longer paying for the subsidy at the YMCA and Gold’s Gym.The problem arises when students begin to think about the various programs no longer at their fingertips for an affordable cost. The classes being missed are Yoga, Zumba and spin, all popular amongst a school with many performing arts majors.The rumor is that Point Park is trying to get classes like this in the Student and Convocation Center as soon as possible. But, if history is any example, the old Rec Center used to boast lists of classes and students often complained of inconsistencies due to student teachers would understandably become overwhelmed by their workload and occassionally cancel class. Surely with the organization of the Student and Convocation Center and its separate staff, the programs will be top-notch. But in the meantime, students will be forced to wait. Also, some may simply prefer leaving the Point Park community to work out and meet new people.Other businesses Downtown have not stopped offering discounts to students for things already found on-campus, like food and movies. Students should not be penalized for a university purchase. The YMCA could have simply raised the price asked of Point Park students, rather than completely deleting a discount.Gold’s Gym is still offering a discount of $29 to join and $24.50 a month for membership fees.

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