Dog lovers go to Animal Friends to find love

Written By Alex Stumpf

On Feb. 10, dozens of dog lovers attended Animal Friends’ first ever “Must Love Dogs” speed dating event.While it may be speed dating, those who went to the North Hills animal shelter that night did not be coming alone. Instead, they brought their prized pooches to meet their perspective dates as well.”We wanted to do something a little different,” Animal Friends’ representative Jolene Miklas said during a Wednesday afternoon phone interview. “We had done adoption drives (around Valentine’s Day) in the past, but this year we thought ‘Why don’t we try to bring pet owners together?'”The event was open to all animal lovers, not just dog fans, as they brought in photos of their furry, four-legged friends to show off. However, people who had hoped to pick up a ticket at the gate Friday night had no such luck.”We are actually sold out,” Miklas said. “Our only challenge was that we had so many women sign up, but so few men.”Not to worry for any women going out, they were able to give away admissions through contests to boost the men’s attendance numbers. They still believed everyone could have met the 10-15 singles that they initially had thought.With just a few days before Valentine’s Day, a few couples were bound to meet. And who knows, maybe the dogs will approve of their puppy love as well.