Penguins, Imagine Pittsburgh make best things in life free

Written By Alex Stumpf

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 If there are two things that sports fans in Pittsburgh love, it is the Pittsburgh Penguins and getting things for free. decided to combine both of these elements by giving away every ticket for a preseason game in the brand-new Consol Energy Center free of charge.8,000 of the arena’s tickets were made available to college students through an online raffle while the rest of the attendants were affiliated with youth programs that the Penguins sponsor. The idea behind giving away these tickets is that companies who work with would have booths in the stadium for students to attend during the intermissions of the self-proclaimed “Ultimate Home Game.” Some of these companies are household names, such as Enterprise Holdings, Inc.and PNC Bank, while others are not as well known, such as Lanxess, but many were excited for the opportunity.”We are here to get the name out,” Lanxess representative Nathalie Dragan said. “The opportunities at Lanxess are endless, and we hope students learn that.”However, this plan backfired slightly as many booths did not receive plenty of attention from students initially. Many of the employees would try to sneak away from their tables so they could catch a little bit of the game when they knew that few would be passing through.”[The free tickets] were a great idea, but I didn’t visit any of the booths,” student Stephen Sermak said.The majority of patrons did not attend college, which may have created a slight problem for these employers as they had fewer possible prospects to recruit. Originally, the game was to be comprised almost completely of young adults in college.However, the entire night was not lost. Many companies did interest college students in their establishments, even if they had to initially grab their attention with free flash drives, food and Frisbees. Recruitments seemed toimrpove as the game progressed.In the end, free, whether it was free food, tickets or souvenirs, was the theme of the night. Many college students praised the action and wished it would happen again.”I liked it,” said Jim Sager, 33, of West Newton, PA. “I do Student Rush also, but any way you can get free tickets is great.”Overall, the “Ultimate Home Game” was a hit with both fans and employers. Young Pens fans can only hope that a regular season contest that has all free tickets becomes a reality sometime in the near future.

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