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Local comic book artist begins working with Marvel

Written By Aidan Segal

October 24, 2017

Picture two of cinema’s most distinguished films, arguably at the peak of their respected genres, clashing between panels of grotesque, yet genius illustration. Michael Mettlen was 25-years old, dropping his daughter off at school and making his way home to Elizabeth, Pa., when he made a life-...

Kamasi Washington continues hot streak on new EP

Written By Mick Stinelli, A&E Editor

October 10, 2017

Kamasi Washington came to mainstream prominence in early 2015 as a massive contributor on Kendrick Lamar’s album, “To Pimp a Butterfly.” His saxophone played a massive role in the song “U,” and he also worked on the album’s string arrangements. That same year he released his LP, “The Epic...

Thrival Music Festival to showcase rock, hip-hop acts

Written By Josh McCann

September 26, 2017

The Thrival Music Festival will be held for the second straight year at Carrie Furnace’s in Braddock on Sept. 29 and 30. This year’s headlining acts include Pittsburgh native rapper Wiz Khalifa, hip hop artist Logic and pop r+b singer/songwriter Kiiara. Khalifa heads to the festival promoting h...

Art museum event brings together international artists, local outreach

Art museum event brings together  international artists, local outreach

Written By Mick Stinelli, Co-A&E Editor

September 26, 2017

The Carnegie Museum of Art (CMOA) showcased internationally recognized art and community interaction on Thursday, Sept. 21. Los Angeles artist Ian Cheng presented the opening of his new piece, “Emissary Sunsets the Self,” while the Boom Concepts art collective hosted the museum’s Third Thursday ga...

‘Ninjago’ is colossal misstep for LEGO movie franchise

Written By Michael Richter, Co-A&E Editor

September 26, 2017

Movies, of course, are a source of escapism. We, the audience, are meant to get lost in a film’s world and forget about our problems. Sometimes, we confront our issues during movies as well. Nonetheless, I thought “The LEGO Ninjago Movie” would be a movie that would allow me to relax and have fun...

Fall movie slate promises Oscar contenders, blockbusters

Written By Michael Richter, Co-A&E Editor

September 26, 2017

With October right around the corner, that means we are moving into Oscar-bait season. It’s the time of year in which films become a little more daring and thoughtful. While this fall does include a usual amount of films that will be in contention for Oscars, there are also a couple of big blockbust...

The Killers’ first album in five years boasts a diverse tracklist

Written By Matt Petras, Co-Features Editor

September 26, 2017

I was crammed in a car with my parents on the way to visit my sister in North Carolina when someone told me that not only is The Killers, my favorite band, releasing a new album, “Wonderful Wonderful,” but one of the songs, “The Man,” has already released. That car ride became much, much more enjoyab...

Album Review – The District’s “Popular Manipulations”

Written By Emily Bennett, Editor-Elect

September 19, 2017

Stepping into their third full length, The District’s “Popular Manipulations” chronicles the concurrent depth and superficiality of the Philly-based rock quartet’s changing sound. It’s no secret that the Districts have grown up in the public eye. Four childhood friends originally from Lititz,...

‘Mother!’ is a chore to endure

Written By Michael Richter, A&E Editor

September 19, 2017

Upon completing a single viewing of "Mother!," I felt as though I had ran a mental marathon. This movie repeatedly warns viewers to the point of nauseam about the downfall of fame. After leaving the theatre, I was shocked to learn via IMDb that it clocks in at 121 minutes -- it seemed like I was in the...

‘It’ clowns around too much

Written By Michael Richter, A&E Editor

September 12, 2017

Fear is the central theme of "It," but the movie's demonic clown Pennywise does little to strike fear in the audience. The latest film adaptation of Stephen King's novel "It" is akin to what would happen if Freddy Kruger clashed with the Goonies -- which looks good on paper, but it's poorly execu...

2017’s upcoming fall TV lineup will provide good replacements for shows ending in the summer

Written By Zachary Matthew

September 12, 2017

Summer does not officially end until Sept. 22, but the fall season of TV has already begun. Viewers are coming off the high of shows like “Game of Thrones” and “Twin Peaks” and need new addictions to soothe their craving for good television. Plenty of new and returning shows will be gracing ...

Twin Peaks goes out with apt almost perfect two-part finale

Written By Michael Richter, A&E Editor

September 6, 2017

Twenty-six years after the original series left the “Twin Peaks” pure, boy scout-esque protagonist Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) possessed by the show's ultimate evil Bob, the third season finale (possibly series finale) managed to raise even more questions. In fact, "Twin Peaks: The Retur...