Point Park Globe

How real journalism should and does work

Written By Jordyn Hronec, Editor-In-Chief

October 28, 2020

I am a senior multimedia student. This means that I have spent my time here at Point Park learning about journalism, news reporting, photography, graphic design, social media, public relations and more aspects of the communications field. I have been a member of The Globe since I was a freshman, startin...

Should people stop going to the mall during a pandemic?

Written By Geena Provenzano

October 28, 2020

Let’s face it: The season is changing, there’s more to do in Pittsburgh, and you may be getting tired of the tie-dye lounge set you’ve been wearing since April. Nothing sounds better than going to the mall and updating your fall wardrobe. But, as a mall employee, I would think twice about going...

The Globe’s Point: The University is in deep

October 28, 2020

Pioneers, if you are not already aware, the university is in dire straits at this time. We are currently facing a $9 million deficit. And the university is looking to cut $3 million in spending. Ahead of the deficit being reported, the top three administrators at Point Park—President Paul Hennigan, ...

The Globe’s Point: Colleges have a problem with racism 

October 21, 2020

Pittsburgh has a problem with racism.  That’s true of almost anywhere in the world right now, but it would be remiss of us not to acknowledge the systemic issues here in downtown, “our campus,” as marketing so often refers to the city as.  Systemic oppression against Black, Indigenous and...

A student experiences Steeler game socially distanced

Written By Geena Provenzano

October 21, 2020

On Oct. 11 the Pittsburgh Steelers were finally able to host fans at Heinz Field. 5,500 season ticket holders were randomly selected to determine who would attend. Somehow, I was lucky enough to be one of the 5,500. When I told people I was going to the game, most of them were skeptical. They coul...

America’s long descent into fascism

Written By Nardos Haile, Co-News Editor

October 21, 2020

Since our infancy, we have all had fabricated, hardwired views of America fed to us through chanting the Pledge of Allegiance every day before the beginning of class and singing the National Anthem at a Friday night football game. This is all a part of the greater American identity known as American Exce...

Hit or Miss: Vending Machine Snacks

Written By Jordyn Hronec

October 14, 2020

Across this university’s campus, there are copious amounts of vending machines. There’s pretty much a machine or two or three in every building. However, the offerings within these machines are not so widely varied. In every machine, you’ll find pretty much the same assortment of snacks and drinks...

Globe’s Point: Teachers need to be more compassionate during COVID-19

October 14, 2020

We are quickly approaching midterm season, Pioneers.   Except midterms this semester really are unlike any we have ever seen. Many Point Park students are taking some if not all of their classes online this semester. Practices for athletes, rehearsals for dancers and meetings for clubs all had to...

Amy Coney Barrett carries the baggage of a tense political atmosphere

Written By Shannon Hartnett

October 14, 2020

President Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett for The U.S. Supreme Court’s open seat following Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death and, as always, many opinions are circulating the decision.  There are two main topics of conversation in this discussion: the stacking of the Supreme Court and the candidat...

Ranking the best and worst Halloween candies

Written By Tia Bailey, Co-Features/A&E Editor

October 7, 2020

Not all typical Halloween candies are created equal. So here is a definitive ranking of the best, most mediocre and worst candies available during Halloween.   The top three on the list just taste better during Halloween. There’s no rhyme or reason here, they just do.   1- Reese’s cu...

The Globe’s Point: Americans deserve full transparency about President Trump’s condition

October 7, 2020

We are at a critical juncture as a country, pioneers.   The President of the United States has tested positive for the coronavirus. So has his First Lady. And his press secretary. And his campaign manager. The list goes on.   As many pundits and politicians have already pointed...

People belittling Breonna Taylor protesters do not understand the significance of life and death

Written By Jake Dabkowski

September 30, 2020

From the minute that you first find out that it will happen until the minute that it happens, everyone thinks about death. Most people aren’t actively thinking about it, but it’s always there in the back of everyone’s mind, slowly gnawing away at them. It’s one of the only things that is truly ...