Freshmen fears fizzle following move-in

Written By Abby Mathieu

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Beginning Aug. 26, 2010, the Point Park University campus showed signs of life once more as freshmen began streaming through the doors with hands, crates and boxes loaded. Waiting in the half-hour line for the elevator, I scanned the room to find the same hesitant but excited expression on everyone else’s faces. We were all thinking, “What in the world am I doing standing in this line with three bags filled with pillows? Is this even worth it? Let’s go home.”            This feeling increased when I arrived in my room to see that my key would not turn in the door knob, the light would not turn on, and no water would come out of my shower head-wonderful. As we began setting everything up, I was sweating profusely and could not move from the lack of space in my room-even more delightful. Trying to fit my two roommates, all of our parents, the junk everyone brought and me in our room was like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. It just was not working.            The sense of being completely overwhelmed with stress kicked in when I began contemplating the idea of finding my classes, writing this article, reading novels with names I cannot pronounce, and living in this small room with no parents to do my laundry. My mind was boggled by the fact that I would have to make brand new friends and ultimately start all over. Change is scary, but it is a part of life we cannot escape no matter how hard we try. However, I believe it is safe to assume that all other freshmen can agree that the word “stress” is NO.1 on their vocabulary list right now. I asked a few freshmen for their thoughts on move-in day.            Delaney Shorb, a freshman dance major, said that she was “a little stressed at first, but aside from that it was good.”Michael Caris, a freshman sport, arts and entertainment management major, agreed that the day was “very stressful, really hot, cluttered and chaotic.”            One of the most alarming thoughts I faced was, “What can I expect after the first week is over?” Freshman should look past the first week of classes, so I asked a few upperclassmen what we have to look forward to.“Everything is new. You have to get out of your room,”Julie Campbell, a junior sport, arts and entertainment management major, said. Larissa Banks, also a junior sport, arts and entertainment management major, advised freshmen to “be open-minded.”            Getting involved is a huge part of college life. Joining different clubs is a spectacular way to meet new people, and making new friends as a freshman is always a good thing-you can never have too many. Having an open mind can help eliminate some of the stress we feel as freshmen. Of course there are going to be days when you have three papers due, an event for a club and a novel to read, but where is the fun in sitting in your room all day eating Ramen Noodles? Get started. Make new friends. Join clubs. These next four years, we might be a little stressed a times, but we can take in so much new knowledge if we open our minds up to what Point Park is offering to us. While move-in day was extremely crazy, confusing and chaotic, at the end of the day, I sat on my bed and realized I was in my new home. This is the place I will be writing papers, getting ready to go out with new friends, and living my new life. This is a new chapter in our lives, and just as in a novel, we do not know exactly what to expect. However, we do know the next page will be filled with something fresh and exciting, and all of the long elevator waits and crates filled with possessions will have all been worth it when we are walking across that stage with a diploma in our hands in May 2014.          

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