USG Candidates tackle topics of student involvement and more at U-View Debates

Written By Adelyn Biedenbach

Ever since Anthony Costulas met Joseph Ian Sulkowski last year as the CF of Lawrence Hall Floor 14, they felt like they made a good team. They showed this bond last night, answering questions during U-View’s Election Special, while also discussing their platform to run unopposed as president and vice president of Point Park University’s United Student Government (USG).”Things can change through student government,” said Costulas, a junior political science major with a minor in mass communication, at Thursday evening’s debate. “There are people who are listening.”Students watched from televisions around campus and live in the U-View studio as the candidates laid down their opening statements and did their best to tackle questions.  They addressed topics ranging from their hope to keep tuition the same throughout the four years a student studies at Point Park, to their hope to have open debate on all topics. “You can expect plenty of debate on the issues that matter most to our students,” said Sulkowski, a sophomore creative writing and global cultural studies major. Both candidates discussed problems with communication and with student organizations, two areas that they plan to strengthen.”My voice alone will only go so far,” said Costulas who stressed the importance of change coming with the students’ help.Costulas’ opening statement discussed the three reasons he feels qualified for the position, including leadership, experience and passion.”I feel that I have very certain characteristics to help me achieve this goal,” Costulas said.The candidates attributed low student involvement, including the fact that no one else had chosen to run for president, to “students being stretched too thin.” Also, in order to run, an individual must first be a member of USG for a year.”It’s a huge task to take on, people see how hard our current president works,” said Bri Feindt, USG Treasurer, in a question and answer session preceding the candidate debate.USG elections take place this upcoming Wednesday and Thursday, April 13 and 14.  Tables will be located in the Lawrence Hall Lobby from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. each day.”No problem is too big, no crisis should be ignored,” Costulas said.