PointSync issues linger for USG during budget proposal meeting

Written By Alex Grubbs, USG Beat Reporter

Point Park’s student government started its meeting with persisting club and organization budget problems, despite the deadline for proposals ending two weeks ago.

United Student Government (USG) Treasurer Amedea Baldoni closed budget proposal forms for clubs and organizations after PointSync issues left some submitted budget proposals not being approved by USG.

“I gave them a grace period,” Baldoni said, citing the budget proposal form submission issues via PointSync as the cause of it.

Two student organizations’ budgets were amended as they requested for more money saying that for the events to be successful, the money must be allocated to them.

Forensics Club requested an additional $275 for a projector to use for a club-sponsored movie night. However, the club underestimated their budget, thinking they didn’t need to request money for it.

“From my knowledge, they didn’t realize they needed to get this. They thought they could get this from somewhere else,” Baldoni said in reference to requesting to use Point Park facilities for events.

USG already partially funded Forensics Club $250 for a movie night. Sen. Daniel Murphy called for amending the club’s additional budget request, changing its budget for that event from $250 to $525.

Table Top Tirade also requested an additional $67 for prizes for their “Game Day” event to the $404 it previously requested. USG amended the event budget from $404 to $471.

Murphy asked Baldoni if USG will make it clear from this point on that money allocations for prize budgets will stay partially-funded despite approving the additional money request from the club.

Baldoni reiterated that USG was partially-funding prizes for this event already, and future  money allocations for prizes at events will stay partially-funded.

She also pointed out that all appeals request forms for additional funding were closed after Monday.

President Pro Tempore Shaniece Lawrence announced USG will be changing how it runs its yearly forum. This year, the forum will not be a themed party similar to the Disney-themed forum during the 2014-15 school year.

“We’re actually going to make it a little more formal,” Lawrence said.

USG will partner with the Office of Student Life to create a formal USG forum for students with help from Dean of Students Michael Gieske. Lawrence hopes Point Park President Paul Hennigan and Student Employment Coordinator Joan Dristas will also be involved.

The estimated day for this event is in mid-November.

She also said USG will change their student concern tables to later times to reach more students.

Another subject brought up at the meeting was the absence of Sens. Mario Avila and Shayna Mendez.

According to Sen. Gracey Evans, Avila was attending rugby practice. Mendez was absent due to personal reasons, according to Parliamentarian Charles Murria.

“Is that for sure, and will that be every week?” Sen. Kayla Damazo later asked. Vice President Bobby Bertha responded saying he did not know.

Both absences were excused after Sen. Murphy’s motion was approved.

“Executive Cabinet members shall be permitted two (2) absences from regular meetings,” according to USG’s Title II 200.33 in its constitution.

President Blaine King also officiated freshmen Riley Frank, Hayley Hoffman, Kaylee Kearns, Alexa Newbrough and Hannah Steiner as senators into USG.

Sen. KacieJo Brown “applauded” Sen. Shannon Sager after quote tweeting The Globe’s PointALERT Tweet regarding the Thursday night stabbing at the 7-Eleven on Wood St. on the USG Twitter account, telling students to “be safe.”

This was part of Sager’s new USG communication revamp to reach out to students.

King said due to bad calculations, he will push the unveiling of USG’s internal budget until next week’s meeting.