Bubble soccer comes back to PPU gymnasium

Written By Ian Brady

Campus Activities Board (CAB) is bringing back the popular Bubble Soccer game for its second annual event, encouraging students to step out of their comfort zones and into a bubble.

“It’s such a spectacle to see 50 students running at each other in bubbles, falling all over the place and just trying to work together in this really obnoxious setting. There was just so much energy,” senior sports, arts and entertainment management  major and Executive Director of CAB Colten Gill said.

The annual Bubble Soccer game will take place on Oct. 10 from 8-10 p.m. in the Student Center Gym. This event allows students to form teams and get into separate blow-up bubbles all while attempting to play soccer.

Gill said after every event each year, CAB members meet to discuss what worked, what didn’t work and ultimately, whether the event is worth continuing.

“We always review after an event takes place. If it’s something [that] had success on campus, it’s something that we definitely bring back,” Gill said. “The student body is always changing, but with that, there are still staples that tend to stick from year to year.”

Gill said due to the success Bubble Soccer had last year, he imagines the event will continue on an annual basis for quite some time.

CAB Vice President of Programming Nina Belcastro, a senior organizational leadership major, is involved with CAB for the first time this year, and said she came in with the vision of Bubble Soccer when attending her first meeting.

“When I was in Vegas over the summer, they had a huge Bubble Soccer tournament there and it was incredible. I thought, we have to bring this to Point Park,” Belcastro said.

Gill said Bubble Soccer provided an opportunity for students more into physical activity to get involved, as the majority of CAB events don’t cater specifically to that group of students.

“We try to bring a diverse range of events so that we can provide what we want to do with as many students as possible,” Gill said. “We don’t do that many athletic events, and we thought it would be a nice change of pace.”

Special Events Coordinator and sophomore business management major Kaitlyn Smith is heading up the event and has been doing her best to find ways to improve the already successful event from what it was last year.

“We do need to monitor the aggression, which we’ll be doing so nobody gets hurt. But from a fun standpoint there’s not really much we can do to make it better,” Smith said.

Gill also chimed in, stating that rounds would be speedier and teams would be formed in a more efficient way.

Gill and Delcastro agree that this event will encourage students to step out of their comfort zone and just have a good time.

“CAB’s purpose is to provide opportunities for fun, to grow as students,” Gill said. “We want students to remember the good things when they graduate. They’re going to remember Bubble Soccer.”

The board hosts events regularly that draw in the student body such as talent shows, bingo nights, movie nights and other enjoyable evenings of a social nature.