New senators sworn in amidst resignations

Written By Alex Grubbs, USG Beat Writer

Two new senators were inducted into student government following three senatorial resignations the previous week.

United Student Government (USG) President Blaine King swore in freshmen Zachary Seymour and Brayden Sheridan after Mario Avila, Gracey Evans and Sarah Campbell resigned from USG.

After their inductions, USG’s legislative body voted to contribute $500 to Student Conduct’s Mocktail Mix-Off, an event that gives clubs and organizations a chance to create “mocktails,” non-alcoholic versions of cocktails, to see who can create the best one. This event has been held previously on campus.

The executive cabinet voted to send this request to the legislative body. This money is coming from USG’s internal budget, which is used for its own funding and emergency money in case it’s needed.

Parliamentarian Charles Murria said this event will be beneficial for the student clubs and organizations at the university.

“It does boost morale for the year for organizations on campus,” Murria said. “In addition, they get to bond and meet each other, and it’s a great recruitment event for them.”

Vice President Bobby Bertha clarified that this event will not be hosted by USG.

USG also approved The Body Christian Fellowship’s $2,000 budget request for its jubilee event.

At last week’s meeting, The Body voted to send back the organization’s budget recommendation to the financial committee after a dispute of how much money it originally requested.

USG also approved all of undergraduate psychology organization Confluence Psychology Alliance’s budget, totaling $2,995.

A total of $150 will be used for an art therapy event with Jacqueline Reynolds, an art therapist at Pittsburgh Mercy Health System. The remaining $2,835 will be used for an undergraduate senior research conference that will kick off the organization’s 10 year anniversary at the university.

Treasurer Amedea Baldoni recognized that Confluence’s budget request was not filed late, despite being brought the the floor a week after the second funding meeting.

“There was a misunderstanding in the finance committee,” Baldoni said. “They submitted it online, but they did not do the correct form, so they are on time.”

At the end of the meeting, President Pro-Tempore Shaniece Lawrence announced she is starting a student philanthropy club, coinciding with Alumni Relations.

“What we do is we actually get people to … donate to us for the good of the university,” Lawrence said.

Donations from postgraduates would, in turn, be used for different clubs and organizations on campus and several alumni events. The club would allow students to reach out to these postgraduates to inform them of how their donations are being used.

Miranda Fagley, Alumni Relations’ annual fund coordinator, spoke to USG in October about getting more involved with students.

She echoed her past presentation while telling student government about how this new club will allow this.

“The real purpose of this organization is to educate students why it’s important to give back, why you want to maintain a relationship with Point Park post-graduation,” Fagley said.

Also on USG’s agenda for Monday’s meeting was discussion regarding Pioneer Community Day, an event sponsored by USG that gets students off-campus and volunteering around the city. Due to King’s absence for a faculty meeting, it did not happen.

USG is pushing this discussion to a later time.