The two main candidates are the same: Vote Stein


Written By Matt Petras, Co-News Editor

Whenever the democratic primary election was stolen by the neo-liberal shill known as Hillary Clinton, I just couldn’t bow my head to the man and vote for her.

Yes, as a die-hard Bernard Sanders fan, I can’t bring myself to vote for Clinton. She’s the worst. Because I believe in principled progressivism, I have no choice but to cast my ballot for Jill Stein and the other man running with her, because I’m consistent and morally wholesome. I will never vote for someone who does not reflect my values.

The main push-back I have to deal with is from establishment losers who are obsessed with this idea that Donald Trump is so much worse than Clinton that it’s essential to vote for her to defeat him. This notion is incredibly frustrating because she is at least as bad as Trump, if not worse. Hear me out.

Clinton has nothing to excite progressives. She wants to bomb every Middle Eastern country ever. I hear she is even considering a nuclear strike on Canada from this YouTube channel I watch. She also wants to pass 17 million Trans-Pacific Partnership deals, rather than the single one Obama is pushing (TPP). So on trade she would be about 17 million times worse.

Perhaps you think it’s relevant that she said the war in Iraq was a mistake and that she has changed her stance on TPP, but that’s because the establishment has brainwashed you. She actually dreams about a world where she can bomb pretty much every country and despises working people; she just says otherwise because of money.

Believe me, Clinton is pretty much the epitome of pure evil.

Trump is also quite evil, but at least he is anti-establishment. The powers that be can’t stand Trump, and that is something I can really appreciate about the guy. Let me give you an example of why I hate the establishment. The other day, my dad didn’t let me use his car, and it really upset me because, like, what right does he have? Just because he is a parent he thinks he can treat me like a slave? I am a free, beautiful human being, and nobody owns me.

I can’t just be anti-establishment in my politics, I have to be consistent and do it in my daily life too. So, I took my dad’s car anyway and snuck out. I got some McDonald’s and went to Walmart to get some headphones for my iPhone. It was such a rush, because I know that really upset the established order. Take that, Dad!

Now, I know that Sanders has endorsed Clinton, but that doesn’t matter. Sanders is a true hero, but he was basically backed into a corner and threatened. Probably at gunpoint if I know anything about the establishment. I can forgive him.

If Clinton is in office, none of the cool stuff Sanders would want will pass because she hates good things and will not be held accountable by anyone. She worked with Sanders to come up with a college tuition plan that makes public universities’ tuition free for families making under $125,000 a year, which is 80 percent of the public, but nothing will happen with this plan at all. Nobody, not even Sanders, will hold her to push that legislation. This highly-detailed plan might as well be a fart in the wind.

It’s such a shame that Stein isn’t getting more support, because she really is amazing. John Oliver put out a segment defaming her good name, which really showed his true colors. He is a shill for the establishment and for Clinton. Whenever he said in that same video that Clinton was “a hawkish, Wall Street-friendly embodiment of everything some people can’t stand about politics,” he was just lying. It’s lip service, along with his segments on income inequality, net neutrality, climate change, mass incarceration, drones, student debt, voting rights and government surveillance. All of them! He did all of those segments just to make it seem like he is a comedian taking real, challenging, principled stances on important issues.

Whenever he criticized Stein, he revealed his sick, corrosive nature; he is in fact just another tentacle of the establishment.

The truth is that Stein would be an excellent president. She is even more progressive and principled than Sanders on issues like the drone program, which means I feel even better about supporting her than I did Sanders.

I suppose this does beg the question: if Stein is the more principled choice, why did I even support Sanders in the first place? Isn’t my primary basis for supporting Stein disingenuous? Aren’t I just letting my emotions talk instead of reasoning things out?

Of course not.