Concern for Climate Change


Written By Carley Bonk

With 2016 being named the hottest year on record, climate change has become a serious issue facing the human race.  Due to rising levels of carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, temperatures are rising across the globe at a consistent rate.

There is overwhelming scientific evidence regarding this matter.  As many as 97 percent of climate scientists have found evidence of human development being a leading factor in climate change, according to NASA.

Climate change has been in the political forefront in recent news, especially with the denial of the facts by President Donald Trump.  During his campaign, he revealed his belief that climate change was a hoax created by the Chinese that damaged American businesses.

A post went viral last week from the Badlands National Park official twitter feed when they began bringing up the facts of climate change.  According to a CNN article, the tweets remained active for a few hours before they were deleted.

The National Park Service later tweeted an apology, but the most alarming part of this current denial of our government leaders is their tremendous control to impact global warming negatively.

President Trump is pushing policies that object those currently put in place for the protection of our national resources.  Trump already has his eye on rolling back these protective acts and resources in favor of a more economic and business-centered approach.

Many Americans still remain vigilant about spreading the truth of climate change and support taking steps to reverse it.  During the election, students across the country generated support for advocates for climate change awareness, like the political organization NextGen Climate.

The organization works on bringing the issue of climate change to the political forefront.  They enlist the help of many Americans across the country that believe something needs to happen to impress on society the critical situation humanity is facing.

“Climate is My Candidate” buttons have become a familiar site across liberal college campuses, including Point Park, in a politically-heated America over the past few months.   Younger people have stepped up on social media and in protests to declare the importance of addressing human’s harmful contact with the environment.

Scientists predict that temperatures will continue to rise at alarming rates in the future.  President Trump’s avoidance of the fact that climate change is a serious issue could have remarkable consequences for not only America, but for the rest of the world.

Records continue to indicate that Arctic ice is melting rapidly and oceans are rising and acidifying, creating disastrous impacts for coastal communities and aquatic life.  Data trends predict more threatening weather patterns across the globe as well as increased rainfall.

As a young, educated woman who finds comfort in the beauty and importance of nature’s sights and resources, I am fearful of what the future may hold for those who engage in the fight for truth to save planet Earth, our only home.

Though current conversations in regards to fighting climate change seem bleak, it is through knowledge, research, peaceful protests and truthful journalism this battle can be achieved.  By taking small steps like recycling, biking instead of driving or even just raising awareness of the issue, the Earth will stand a fighting chance of surviving climate change, and so will we.