Internship and job fair connects students with employers

Written By Lauren Clouser

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The School of Business, School of Communication and Career Development Center have joined forces to host the annual Spring Internship and Job Fair. The fair will take place on Feb 9. from 12-3:30 p.m. in the Student Center gym.

According to Angela Scaramucci, the director for the Career Development Center, the job fair will feature employers such as KDKA, Phipps Conservatory, PNC, CBS Radio, Brunnerworks, Stage AE, Comcast NBCUniversal and the Johnstown Tomahawks.

Scaramucci stated that the fair is for alumni and students of all majors, and that Point Park invites students and alumni from other colleges to attend it as well.

The fair will also host four discussion panels in room 701 of the Student Center. The panels are centered around different career aspects such as venue building, venue safety and the possibility of career changes and career advice from Point Park alumni.

The first panel, “Building a World Class Venue from the Ground Up” will focus on building a new venue, with the new Pittsburgh Playhouse as an example. The panel features speakers such as President Paul Hennigan and Andrew Conte, the director for the Center for Media Innovation.

According to Paige Beal, an assistant sports, arts and entertainment (SAEM) professor who helped to organize the panel speakers, the first panel should appeal to a wide audience.

“Building a World Class Venue from the ground up is something that everyone is interested in, particularly in sports, arts and entertainment management,” Beal said. “The opportunity for it is so right in front of us.”

The second panel revolves around making entertainment venues more safe for audiences. Some speakers include Darryl Jones, the Chief of Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire, Doug Herrmann, the general manager of Stage AE and Roy Cox, the District Chief for the City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Emergency Medical Services.

The third panel will provide advice for those who may need to eventually switch their careers, such as dancers or athletes.

“We thought about that one from the standpoint of a lot of our students work with people that are current athletes or current celebrities but have to be prepared for when their body gives out,” Beal said. “What’s going to be their second career?”

The fourth panel pulls in a variety of Point Park alumni to give their advice to current students and to talk about their own college years.

Elsie Boucek, the career counselor for the School of Communication, offered advice for students planning on attending the job fair.

“One of the important things for a job fair, especially when you might have limited time in between classes, is to take a look at the employers who are going to be here,” Boucek said. “Do a little research beforehand and then come up with a game plan ahead of time.”

Scaramucci mentioned that if students register on Handshake before the fair, they will be able to see information about the employers that will be attending.

“In the email and on the postcard there is a link to our handshake website,” Scaramucci said. “When you go to that link and click on ‘fairs’ you’re actually able to see all the information that the employers added when they registered. Some may list internships and jobs, some even get very specific with certain titles that they’re looking for as well.”

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