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It’s been said that Valentine’s Day is an unfortunate holiday for two kinds of people — those who are single and those who aren’t.

Generally, for people who are single, it’s a reminder (and quite frankly a big fish to the face) that you don’t have anyone to cuddle with while watching Shameless on blast.

Arguably, it’s worse for people in relationships. And especially people in relationships in college. These poor souls are forced to give into the commercial razzle dazzle of the holiday in order to keep their significant other satisfied.

It’s even harder to do that on a budget. As college students, what do we get our significant others? Do we wrap a 10 pack of Ramen in pink paper and call it a day?

At least single people can pretend to ignore the polarizing emotional and existential pangs that accompany the 24 hours that make up February 14th.

We at the Globe think the heart (no pun intended) of Valentine’s Day has been lost amidst the commercialism of the holiday. Let’s go back, way back to the days before “Tinder” preceded the word “date.”

When the Globe was on-stands for Valentine’s Day during the 80s and 90s, an entire back page was dedicated to heart-shaped messages from students to their “valentines.”

What we need is a resurrection of the old-fashioned — a hand-written letter or a meaningful face-to-face interaction. There’s something to be said of paying homage to the significantly more romantic past. Maybe we’re just sentimentalists. After all, we work for a newspaper.

This Valentine’s Day, watch Sleepless in Seattle and reminisce a little. If you’re feeling extra nostalgic, put on the “90s Babymakers” Spotify playlist. Yes, this exists.

Do this or don’t do this. Make Valentine’s Day what you want it to be — not what the corporate, candy-coated, rose-adorned man tells you it needs to be. This is time for you to share love, and that doesn’t necessarily mean with a love interest. Spread happiness on Valentine’s Day, and share that love with all of those around you.

In the most un-cheesy way possible, let love blossom all year — not just for one day thrown into the middle of February.

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