Club requests budget for dinner to honor Pittsburgh police chief


Written By Alex Grubbs, USG Beat Writer

Student government slashed almost all of an organization’s requested budget for an upcoming event.

“I would like to change the allocated amount to $0,” United Student Government (USG) Senator Daniel Murphy moved for the legislative body to cut Criminal Justice Club’s requested amount for an honoring event.

The club initially requested $2,000 to honor new Pittsburgh Police Chief Scott Schubert, a former Point Park alum, with a certificate and a dinner, but USG recommended $1,000 instead.

Another $188 was requested for two cakes and supplies, but only $161 was recommended.

“Basically the only money we are going to get for this event is through USG,” Carlin Diachun, president of the Criminal Justice Club, said before the legislative body.

However, Dean of Students Keith Paylo recommended that his office should take over the event as it was already in talks with the club over this specific event.

This led to Murphy moving to amend the new budget total to $161, instead of $1,161, eliminating the funding for that honoring event. The new budget passed in a unanimous vote.

Questioning of discrepancies in budgets also arose as the legislative body voted upon clubs and organizations’ requested budgets.

Sen. Samiar Nefzi questioned the $1000 requested by the Theater Club for “COPA prom” as if it would be inclusive to all students outside the Conservatory of Performing Arts (COPA). The budget request was for a deposit at the Renaissance Hotel Ballroom and security for the event.

Theater Club President Kayla Muldoon said tickets for COPA students at this event were $10 while $12 for non-COPA students. However, using past event data, the club will only let up to 120 students attend.

Nefzi felt that only $260 should be granted to them for security for “protecting students,” motioning to amend the budget request. He also asked why tickets for non-COPA students were higher.

Muldoon attributed that to the differing costs of tuition between COPA and non-COPA students.

The amendment motion failed after most of the legislative body abstained from its vote, and the $1000 budget passed. Murphy and Sen. Hayley Hoffman abstained from the overall budget vote while Nefzi and President Pro-Tempore Shaniece Lawrence opposed.

Also, Table Top Tirade’s budget request was sent back to USG’s finance committee for reevaluation after $0 was allocated for its Game Day event. Initially requesting $364, the club asked funding for Super Mario and Tekken related prizes and games.

But USG recommended a $0 amount. Murphy asked the finance committee what the reason was for the event not receiving a requested amount as it was not listed in the budget sheet.

Sen. Riley Frank said she could not recall the reasoning why, as did the rest of the legislative body, leading Murphy to motion for the budget to be sent back for review.

Some club leaders also questioned the senators as to why their clubs did not receive the amounts requested for this funding period.

Pinnacle Productions did not receive any funding for its directors’ fund for upcoming shows “Booby Trap” and “The Book of Ruth.” For both shows, Pinnacle requested $200 altogether, $100 for each show.

“We’ve gotten it every other period,” Jillian Bradshaw, Pinnacle artistic director and treasurer, argued on the budget cut.

But the legislative body stayed adamant on its decision due to a lack of information.

“We decided because there wasn’t an itemized list,” Nefzi responded.

Bradshaw said since its overall budget was not approved yet and that casting for the shows were not finalized yet, the club could not itemize the entire list but could use lists from past shows.

However, Murphy added that unused director fund money from Pinnacle would go directly back to USG.

USG recommended that Pinnacle submit an appeal. Appeals for budgets are due within seven days of the budget meeting.