Treasurer, two senators resign from student government

Written By Alex Grubbs, USG Beat Writer

Just a month after being reprimanded for altercations with other members, a student politician has resigned from her post.

While former Treasurer Amedea Baldoni resigned effective Monday, she said the actions by United Student Government (USG) against her was not the reason for her decision.

“I wanted to make sure my academics were a priority again,” Baldoni said in the Lawrence Hall Lobby on Sunday. “I [didn’t] want to commit to something if I’m not sure if I can give 100 percent to it.”

Previously, the USG legislative body censured Baldoni after verbal altercations within the organization. A censure is an official warning in USG. If three are accumulated within 60 days, it leads to automatic impeachment from USG.

This resignation came a day after President Blaine King looked towards a “bright” future during the State of USG two weeks ago. Within the same week, former senators KacieJo Brown and Kayla Damazo also resigned.

Baldoni oversaw the finance committee while Brown and Damazo sat on it. This committee determines and recommends the  funds that should be allocated to clubs and organizations on campus.

Despite the resignations, USG Press Secretary Sabrina Bodon said the funding period for clubs and organizations will not be affected.

“What I want to extend to club leaders is that their funding dollars do not change,” Bodon said. “We are going to go through the same exact process [for] clubs.”

However, President King said that clubs and organizations may receive an extension time during the transition period.

“I wish there was… a time warning,” Baldoni said. “Sadly, the timing was horrible.”

Baldoni further expressed the time consumption of the positions while also juggling classes and other extracurricular activities.

“I would get about 30 emails a day. I [ran] from meeting to meeting to meeting. I wouldn’t get home until 11 p.m.,” Baldoni said. “It’s a busy schedule, but I loved doing it.”

Brown said despite enjoying being the “voice” for students’ concerns, the job’s time consumption began to get in the way of her student activities.

“I highly respect USG… but I’m here for school,” Brown said.

Damazo echoed the same after receiving new internship opportunities and called the timing of her resignation “unfortunate.”

“I really can’t dedicate time to [USG] anymore,” Damazo said. “I feel like if I can’t dedicate time… it’s rude of me to be with them still.”

As of reaching quorum, USG will not be affected. To hold a meeting, half of the legislative body plus one needs to be present to hit quorum. When a senator resigns, that reduces the number of senators on the legislative body, thus reducing the required number of present senators.

Baldoni believes USG will handle the situation accordingly.

“They’ll make sure everything runs smoothly,” Baldoni said.

On a tight timeline, King was searching for a new treasurer to fulfill the duties of treasurer until the end of this semester.

“We just want to find somebody that we know that is able to do it [and] that’s willing to do it,” King said.

The treasurer, appointed by the president, does not need to be a USG member.

“I’m working very hard in finding someone to replace Amedea in the meantime so a smooth transition happens for the rest of the school year,” King said.

King appointed former Treasurer Amber Mole from the 2015-16 school year as interim treasurer for the remainder of the semester.