Bertha, Heron elected USG President, Vice President

Photo by Chloe Jakiela
Bobby Bertha and Davion Heron were announced president and vice president respectively of USG Monday afternoon during USG’s weekly meeting.

Written By Alex Grubbs, USG Beat Writer

In the one of the largest voter turnouts for student government elections in recent years, Robert Bertha and Davion Heron rose as the next president and vice president, respectively.

United Student Government (USG) President Blaine King announced the results on Monday after last week’s election with more than 200 students voting.

“I’m happy to see the turnout we had for this election,” President-Elect Bertha said after his win. “It’s really awesome, especially seeing that they want to stay engaged with what’s happening on campus. I’m very honored to be given this position.”

Bertha and Heron are planning to work all summer to usher in the administration for next school year.

Heron plans to dedicate his time to the position.

“It will be a constant working for what the students want… and figuring out [implementing] it,” Heron said.

Bertha won with 58 percent of the 228 votes cast for president. Heron won with 60 percent of the 231 votes cast for vice president.

All senators running for re-election, plus a write-in senator won in their respective schools.

Sophomore Daniel Murphy, who won in write-in votes, and freshman Hayley Hoffman won for the Conservatory of Performing Arts.

Junior Alexis Sherman, freshmen Riley Frank and Hannah Steiner were re-elected to represent the School of Arts and Sciences.

For the School of Business, freshmen Mitchum Donatelli, Nick Hesselbirg and Kaylee Kearns were re-elected into their senatorial positions.

And for the School of Communication, sophomore Samiar Nefzi and freshman Zachary Seymour were re-elected.

While student government is preparing for the shift of power within the administration, Point Park President Paul Hennigan reflected with them on the accomplishments of the school year.

Despite some minor hiccups throughout the year, Senator Daniel Murphy attributed a more positive student reaction to the food service since CulinArt became the school’s food service provider.

Since becoming the food service provide, CulinArt dealt with expired soda and a mislabeling of food, but new renovations and unveiling a new meal plan have left students feeling positive.

Murphy and Heron both asked about transparency in tuition as the newyear rolls out.

“We can make a pie chart,” Hennigan said of detailing out where tuition money is going toward.

Sen. Kaylee Kearns, a commuter student, asked about where the university can go with parking. With a high commuter population, many utilize the parking around downtown Pittsburgh.

Hennigan, however, said it is hard making agreements with parking garages in the city.

Sen. Shayna Mendez, who transferred into Point Park from Miami International University of Art & Design, an urban school in Florida, mentioned how that school bought out a certain amount of leases and then reserved for students at a fee for parking.

Hennigan said that would be a venture to look into in the coming school years.

As the summer approaches, Bertha and Heron will assume their newly elected positions and prepare for next school year.

Bertha and Heron will be sworn in Apr. 24 at 3:15 p.m. in 701 of the Student Center.