Pioneer Public – Brandon Rodgers

Carley Bonk


Photo by Carley Bonk

Brandon Rodgers

Written By Matt Petras, Co-Features Editor

Brandon Rodgers is one of many students who had to adjust to life in Downtown Pittsburgh – yinzer-speak, pierogis, inconsistent weather and all.

“I’m from Memphis, Tennessee, and my first objective was to get away from that area and, in my mind, go far,” Rodgers said.

Downtown is pretty different from Memphis.

“Things up here seem to be more fast-paced, while the things at home take time,” Rodgers said. “I just wanted to put myself, basically, in a situation I wasn’t used to, and I figured that’s the perfect way for me to grow, too.”

He laughed when recalling moments he’s had working his way through dialectical barriers. He says “pee-zuh” and “pass-tuh” while Pittsburghers like to say “peet-zuh” and “pahs-tah.” He also had to adjust to the relative lack of green Downtown.

“There’s not enough trees for me,” Rodgers said.

The sophomore business management major keeps himself busy. He founded the Phi Beta Lambda Point Park chapter and is currently the secretary for the Black Student Union (BSU) and Administrative Coordinator for the Campus Activity Board (CAB). Recently, BSU hosted the “BSU Block Party,” part of what he refers to as “sort of like a revitalization” plan. The Block Party pulled in double the size crowd they expected, according to Rodgers.

While Rodgers has successfully integrated Pittsburgh into his life, Memphis hasn’t left him. The southern accent and dialect is still there, and during the interview, Rodgers wore a University of Memphis lanyard.

“I just wear it to tell people where I’m from,” Rodgers said.

He never went to the University of Memphis – it’s just hard to find Memphis merchandise that isn’t associated with that university, he said. Attached to that lanyard, along with his keys, was his Point Park student ID.

Reporting contributed by Carley Bonk, Co-Features Editor.