Pioneer Public – Drue Glaser

Carley Bonk

Written By Matt Petras, Co-Features Editor

Drue Glaser, a sophomore student, has spent most of her life acting, singing and dancing. She said her mom claims she was already singing in the crib. However, she isn’t an acting major, or even in COPA.

Glaser is a global cultural studies major.

“I’ve been an actor all my life, but I decided it was important, if you want to be an actor, to know about people and culture,” Glaser said. “And I’m really interested in travel and in the way people function and work.”

She wanted to come into college with an open mind, so she started at the university as an undecided major.

“I don’t think at 18 you should know what you’re doing with your life,” she said.

She is from Cincinnati, Ohio and holds onto her pride for the area.

“The community aspect is so great; everyone is so proud to be from Cincinnati,” she said. She later added, “our sports teams are usually horrible, but everyone supports them so much anyways.”

She attended a performing arts high school back home called the School for Creative and Performing Arts. There, she formed some strong relationships.

“When you’re in such a close community of performers, there’s a certain vulnerability that you share, and there’s certain aspects of your life and your personality that only those people know,” she said. “It really becomes a family when you work so tightly together.”

While she continues to pursue acting outside of school, Glaser is open to a swath of potential paths after college.

“I don’t really have a set goal in mind right now,” she said. “I’m just sort of letting life throw lemons at me and I’ll see what I can make out of it.”

Reporting contributed by Carley Bonk, Co-Features Editor.