Pioneer Public – Matt Bauman

Carley Bonk


Photo by Nikole Kost

Written By Matt Petras, Co-Features Editor

Matt Bauman is a Just Ducky tour-guide and likes watching movies, but, more than anything else, he’s a writer.

He’s a senior creative writing student. He spent his freshman year of college at Ithaca College in New York studying film. He realized he loved writing and storytelling, but wasn’t very interested in the technical aspect of film-making, so he decided to study creative writing at Point Park and hasn’t looked back.

One poem he’s written, “The Art of Tending a Hangover,” covers, well, that.

This poem takes on a very comedic tone, but comedy is sprinkled into just about all of his endeavors. Humor is what sets him apart from the other Just Ducky tour guides, according to Bauman.

“I’m funny, I guess,” he said.

“I Am Maybury,” a short story he wrote, has some moments of levity but also has its fair share of dread. It’s about a young man’s personal struggles living in a run-down town that has seen better days. In writing this story, and some others, Bauman was inspired by the people in small, rural towns who voted for Donald Trump this past election cycle.

“Trump really [hit] these small towns, like in the middle of West Virginia and Pennsylvania that nobody has been trying to get to vote, and he got them all to vote,” Bauman said.

When he graduates from Point Park, he’s going to pursue more schooling focusing on either education or law, but he’s not sure where yet. No matter where his education and future career path takes him, he plans to keep writing.

“Anytime I’d get inspired I’d still write it down,” he said. “Whether I do anything with it is the question.”

Additional reporting by Carley Bonk, Co-Features Editor.