Starbucks plans still brewing

Photo by Naomi Torres
The former Starbucks in Conestoga Hall has been empty since May 19. The new location, 100 Wood Street, is expected to open sometime in October.

Written By Casey Hoolahan, Social Media Coordinator

As the fall semester begins, there is no official set opening date for the new campus Starbucks location, leaving students without their caffeine fix.

In May, the university announced to students via email that the campus Starbucks would be moving locations to 100 Wood St., formerly home to the Hundred Wood restaurant.

The former Starbucks location closed May 19.

“I am really frustrated that there’s no campus Starbucks,” junior broadcast reporting major Wyatt Cree said. “Especially because I’m a commuter, so walking down to campus and not being able to get my caffeine in the morning is kind of a burden.”

The announcement also informed students that the new location would be a “We Proudly Brew” Starbucks. Dean of Students Keith Paylo explained that term.

“‘Proudly Brew’ is different than a full-blown Starbucks just for the fact that Starbucks doesn’t have the ultimate control of the other side [food service], so we’ll be able to offer more than we ever had before in what was our former Starbucks because we can offer real food. So that gives us a lot more freedom.” Paylo said.

Another reason for switching to “We Proudly Brew” over a corporate-run Starbucks is that it gives the university more control over food options and hours.

This also means the typical Starbucks food menu will be unavailable. CulinArt hopes to work with students to come up with their own new offerings that will be exclusive to the coffee shop.

“We’re going to do some fun things; the menu isn’t 100% set in stone yet,” CulinArt general manager Kristy Weiss said. “We will add in some items you wouldn’t normally see; what those are, we’re still determining.”

Students like sophomore biology major Paula Ambrose are confused as to why the move had to occur in the first place.

“It’s going to be two different worlds in the same space, but one that all students can share and hopefully they call it a ‘home,’” Paylo said.

Dean Paylo also said he hopes to work with university organizations such as The Office of Student Activities, Involvement and Leadership and the Campus Activity Board to set up events in the new space such as open mic nights.

“We want the students to have a lot of input into this new space,” Paylo said.

The space will require construction, but Dean Paylo said he’s confident the space will be open within this academic year.

“The university is working to do this as quickly as possible,” Paylo said.

While there are ideas for inhabiting the old Starbucks location, no official plans have been made.

“Our emphasis is on the 100 Wood [location] right now and then we can move on from there,” Paylo said.