CMI director, Andy Conte speaks to Student Government

CMI director, Andy Conte speaks to Student Government

Written By Hannah Walden, USG Beat Writer

The United Student Government (USG) meeting kicked off with guest speaker Andy Conte, director of the Center for Media Innovation (CMI). Conte addressed questions from senators and discussed how the CMI can be used by students of any major.

Conte began with reviewing events held at the CMI this semester. He first addressed the CMI’s one year anniversary along with the plaque dedicated to Richard M. Scaife.

Scaife, who passed away in 2014, owned the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and donated money towards the construction of the CMI.

Conte also addressed the “Cybersecurity and the Media” panel the CMI hosted in Washington D.C. at the Newseum. The Point Park Talk Back Series sponsored by Title IX was covered as well as the “Pittsburgh (Not) Paris Climate Challenge.”

Senators outside the School of Communication asked Conte about how they can use the CMI’s resources. In response, Conte brought up the upcoming Monster Ball event set for Oct. 31.

Conte told senators about the podcast studio, pushing his desire for more students to use the space and encouraging them to start podcasts of their own. He said if any students are interested in learning how to create a podcast, there will be an informational workshop Nov. 2.

“Last year we had a lot of U-View content on the outside monitors and I don’t believe that I’ve seen that this year, so how can we work back to that?” USG Treasurer Josh Croup asked.

According to Conte, the CMI switched software so the university is on the same system, which is preventing U-View YouTube videos from playing on the monitors facing the street.

Conte is also working on fixing the ticker outside the CMI. Last year, headlines of the Tribune-Review and Globe stories scrolled across, but technology issues have prevented it from continuing this year.

All university students have access to the CMI through the ID scanners, it is not based on major or what school your major is housed in.

After the guest speaker, the meeting turned into general housekeeping. Croup reminded senators that the deadline for the second budget period for clubs ended on Oct. 24 and senators are required to review submissions. On Oct. 30 funds will be distributed to clubs during the meeting.

The Rules Committee motioned and passed the amendment to change the title of the School of Business to the Rowland School of Business in all USG-related documents such as the constitution and bylaws.

The Student Concerns Committee will have tables on Oct. 30 and 31, from 12 -3 p.m. and 2-4 p.m. The tables will be outside of the Cafe on the second floor of Lawrence Hall. The committee also created an email account at [email protected].

Continuing his goal of expanding USG, President Bobby Bertha swore in Kris Chandler to represent the Conservatory of Performing Arts. President Bertha hopes to fill ten more seats. Chandler, a screenwriting and political science double major, served as a senator in the past, after he was sworn into office in the spring 2016 semester.

“There are two reasons why I wanted to come back to USG,” Chandler said. “One, I wanted to be involved in the legislative body, USG is a good platform to do that. And two, as a double major myself, it is difficult to be represented and I want to help more students who are double majors through this platform.”

After management from CulinArt visited and spoke to USG last week, a step has been taken to improve the quality of food being served. According to Dean of Students Keith Paylo, the issue regarding raw chicken in the Cafe has been resolved. From this point forward, frozen chicken will be fully replaced with fresh chicken.

The meeting ended with Dean Paylo, Dean of Student Life and USG advisor Michael Gieseke and senators discussing the lack of student involvement during sporting events.

Senators discussed what would be the best course of action to advertise games and schedules. Dean Paylo explains the easiest way to find the schedules would be on the website under “Athletics” and then “Schedules.”

Disclosure: Josh Croup is co-sports editor at the Globe.