New WPPJ radio show injects humor, music

Fictional parody show takes new form each week


Photo by Allison Hritz

Chris Copen and Krist Muñoz-Malavé, freshmen cinema majors, recording their show “Radio Somewhere.”

Written By Dannys Marrero

A new WPPJ radio show was founded on a unique idea: it imagines what it would be like if WPPJ frantically gave time slots to random people they have no confidence in.

The new show, “Radio Somewhere,” put together by Chris Copen and Krist Muñoz-Malavé, changes each week with new types of music and comedy bits.

“We aren’t in any type of creative courses right now,” Copen said. “So this is our creative outlet. It allows us to create and have fun with it.”

Copen acts as the host of the program, while  Muñoz-Malavé produces it and works on the technical aspect. Occasionally, Muñoz-Malavé will also act as a co-host.

The two freshmen cinema majors described the show as half music and half comedy. The show paradies a new kind of radio show each week, bringing in different kinds of music every time. Essentially, it’s a new show each week.

Even though these guys may be new to Point Park, they are optimistic when it comes to their radio show producing skills. Since the show is a series of parodies of already existing radio shows across the U.S., it takes them several days to write the show’s script and its many jokes. They also create different “on air” characters each week.

A main feature of the show that has become a stamp is their interesting “callers”. Each week the pair recruit individuals within campus and record bizarre conversations with them; they later edit the soundbite in the software Audacity, which Copen learned to operate on his own through trial and error.

The recording sessions take place within their dorm surrounded by a group of friends who cackle at the material and act as judges for the quality of the content.

They later create time cues for themselves and practice what they’re going to say to allow for the illusion of a “live” caller.

“It takes us a whole week to produce actually,” Muñoz-Malavé said. “Even though there’s still a lot to improve, we make sure we are ready.”

Last week Copen and Muñoz-Malavé created the illusion of a failed and outdated radio host who lost his mind. In the most recent episode, they included a caller who’s on top of a tree and is staring at his “true love.” The twist is his “true love” doesn’t even know he’s been watching her for the last few days.

During the first “on air” broadcast of the show, the pair made sure everyone on their residential floor knew about “Radio Somewhere,” and were actually able to get almost everyone to tune in.

Samuel Shapiro, freshman broadcast production and media management major, and fellow Thayer floor 8 resident was one of the listeners.

“I thought the show was pretty cool,” Shapiro said. “They really made it seem like they knew what they were doing.”

Following their first broadcast, many Thayer 8 members complimented them and offered feedback, something the pair crucially wanted.

“I think it’s awesome that the whole floor was listening to it last week,” Muñoz-Malavé said. “I was scared we weren’t going to get any feedback for our hard work. I like feedback, it helps you grow.”

Radio Somewhere broadcasts 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. Sunday nights on and WPPJ 670 AM.