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Comedian Iliza Shlesinger takes first step of a hectic 2018 with Pittsburgh show

Written By Josh McCann

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Comedian Iliza Shlesinger will bring her stand-up comedy act to the Carnegie Music Hall in Homestead on Nov. 10.

Shlesinger is in town with a brand-new comedy hour while also promoting her new book, “Girl Logic,” which hits shelves Nov. 7. Over a phone interview, I talked with Iliza about the inspiration behind her new book.

“It’s sort of an explanation of how and why women think the way they do,” Shlesinger said. “The book gives credence to why people expect so much from women, how it affects women and our behavior, the way we have to make decisions in trying to please everyone and ultimately you just have to please yourself. The jokes are loosely based archetypes. I want people read to this and say, ‘I know someone like that,’ or ‘Oh, my God that’s me.’”

Shlesinger’s big break came in 2008, when she won NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.” Since then, Iliza has released three Netflix comedy specials and performed on multiple late night talk shows.

She talked about the major differences that comes with doing a comedy special and performing stand up on a late-night television show.

“Doing an hour is just you, on the road, deciding your material, polishing it every night,” Shlesinger said. “A late-night set is the most unorganic process for an artist because it’s not your set. You are cutting out the heart of your set to make it fit into five minutes. But it’s still cool to get to do stand up on national television.”

Known for her routine to feature a variety of topics, like texting an ex that you love them; then turning off your phone; to having a party goblin that lives in the back of your brain, which is responsible for the bad decisions one makes when drunk.

The 34-year-old talked about how her stand up appeals to all ages.

“If you’re older, you’ll get some of the references,” Shlesinger said. “I’m finding the more I tour, the more I meet younger women, where they’re like, ‘Oh my God, we used to watch you in college!’ I’m like, ‘How old am I? And how old are you!?’ It’s nice to know that it’s not just for my own demographic.”

Her new set, which fans can expect at the Pittsburgh show, involves the different stages of a relationship.

“The new stand up takes us on journey through meeting someone, dating someone, getting engaged, trying on a wedding dress and getting married,” Shlesinger said. “And then there’s a bunch of stuff about how America looks in the grand scheme of foreign policies.”

The show in Pittsburgh marks the beginning of chaotic schedule for the comedian. Aside from promoting her new book, Shlesinger will be doing a USO military tour in December, filming a documentary for a new Netflix special, touring Europe in the spring and in May she’s getting married.

“Today starts the insanity,” Shlesinger said. “Hopefully, one of those garner ticket sales.”

Shlesinger’s packed schedule makes one wonder how she balances everything.

“You’re just standing there poised and ready, that’s what your career is like, ” Shlesinger said “Sometimes you connect, sometimes it’s a swing and a miss. And you’re in that batting cage until you decide to retire. Or you get hit by a ball and gotta take a knee.”

Tickets for the show are available for $35.


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