Pioneer Public – Shaniece Lawrence

Carley Bonk


Photo by Carley Bonk

Written By Matt Petras, Co-Features Editor

Senior Shaniece Lawrence was already studying biological science but didn’t realize she wanted to use that to become a pediatrician until she joined Strong Women, Strong Girls. 

“It’s basically a club where we go mentor little girls in different elementary schools and we empower them and tell them that yes, you can do anything and everything your heart desires, and don’t let anyone tell you different,” she said. “I’d never realized how much I enjoyed working with children until that point.”

Other than pursuing her education, Lawrence, the recording secretary of United Student Government, keeps herself busy.

As recording secretary, Lawrence takes notes of meetings, including records of votes and attendance. She’s been a part of USG for three years – she was also a senator and president pro-tempore. She got involved with USG because she wanted to make a difference.

“They actually deal with a lot of student concerns and I feel like that would be the perfect, and I do mean perfect, opportunity and chance to actually do something worthwhile,” Lawrence said. “Because three years ago I felt like not much was being done and I felt like I should probably be in it to actually drive that force and get stuff done.”

In her spare time, Lawrence likes to paint ceramic figurines. She’s particularly proud of how her little brown porcelain dog turned out, but she’s also painted a purple and blue owl, a bust of Bart Simpson’s face and more.

She also adores playing video games like “Grand Theft Auto” and “Saint’s Row” that offer open, sprawling worlds to explore.

“I kind of escape from the real world and just focus on the game. It also calms me down,” she said.

Soon after, she sighed. “School is very stressful.”