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The Globe’s Point – This year, be grateful

Written By Editorial Board

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Last year at this time, the headline for the Globe’s Point was a bit more harrowing than this week’s. “Support groups necessary” was the headline that sat atop the first graph of the editorial – “This year’s election, as pointed out in both opinions pieces this week, has been unusually intense.” We then detailed post-election mayhem, noting the support groups provided on campus for students after Donald Trump was elected.

A year later, the world is in a different place, sure. Time has a way of doing that. But it’s not so vastly different — while protests and riots are less frequent, the social effects of the election are still prevalent in many ways. It’s true that we could say a lot about where we are as a nation.

We could also say very little. Much to the opposite of progression, we have seen a lot of hate this past year. Though we at the Globe would like to think the positives of the last year outweigh the negatives.

We’re not interested in comprising a list of regressions and strides we’ve accomplished as a country and comparing this week in 2017 to where we were last year in 2016. What we are saying is Thanksgiving break is knocking at the door, and before we welcome it in with open (and hungry) arms, we want to take a moment and be grateful for this year and everything it has taught us.

What we need to acknowledge is that although the life of a student is often difficult, we are also incredibly lucky to be where we are. We live in the most innovative country in the world, go to a diverse university with an unusually open-minded student body and we are pursuing our futures in an ever-growing and changing city. Our campus is one the most accepting places in Pittsburgh, and that is exactly what we need as young college students.

Sure, things are always going to be difficult, but it’s in the hardest times we grow the most. School, work and life are going to throw everything they have at us no matter what we do. Striving to succeed is one thing, but being thankful for what we have during those times is another thing. Just take some time next week, whether it is an hour or a minute, and think about the things you have and be thankful.

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