USG faces three resignations ahead of semester’s end

Written By Hannah Walden, USG Beat Writer

United Student Government (USG) President Pro-Tempore Daniel Murphy along with two senators have resigned from their positions effective immediately.

According to a USG press release, Murphy served as senator for the Conservatory of Performing Arts for three years. This was Murphy’s first semester as President Pro-Tempore.

No reason for resignation was mentioned in the press release; Murphy declined to comment at this time.

President Bobby Bertha accepted Murphy’s resignation Monday morning as well as the resignation letters from the two senators, Patrick Terry and Blaze Kelley.

Terry served as a senator-at-large and was in his first semester with USG. Kelley was a senator from the Rowland School of Business and was also in her first semester with student government. Both senators cited personal reasons for their resignations and were unavailable for comment at the time of publication.

During Monday’s meeting, Senator Samiar Nefzi nominated Senator Hayley Hoffman for President Pro-Tempore, who accepted the nomination. Hoffman will hold this position from this point to the remainder of the 2017-2018 school year.

“I just want to help better this organization for the students,” Hoffman said. “We are here for the students. A lot of the people don’t know how to separate the job and their personal life. That is something that I want to get through to the senators, you are here to do a job, not to bring in your personal life.”

During the senator’s report, Senator Nefzi addressed student concerns about USG and made a suggestion to bridge the gap between the organization and the student body.

“Constituents don’t know who the senators are, that was supposed to be [done] through communications [committee] who was supposed to create senator profiles,” Nefzi said after the meeting. “So I guess that an open platform needs to be made or an open way of communication. Senator profiles are supposed to be found on the USG Facebook page and Instagram.”

He argued that while the Student Concerns Carnival was successful, students don’t know who is a part of USG and what the organization does.

“I can go off of that, a lot of constituents are asking what we are doing and it’s very hard to answer them,” Hoffman said. “And they keep asking why resignations keep coming out, and I don’t have an answer to that either.”

Senator Nefzi suggested that the Rules and Communication Committees work to put USG out in the public eye more. However, some members disagreed.

“Rules Committee has brought us new clubs and organizations this semester, and we have seen updates to the constitution, which is in-line with what the committee is supposed to do,” Bertha said. “And communications is continuing our community outreach. I’m confused as to what more can be done.”

Correction: a previous version of this story incorrectly referred to Blaze Kelley as “he.” Kelley identifies as “she” and we apologize for this error.