Wood Street Subway to close this December


Photo by Mary Anne Doggett.

Scaffolding surrounds subway on the corner of Fourth Avenue and Wood Street. Subway is supposed to close in late December.

Written By Sarah Gibson, Copy Editor

For certain Point Park students, it will soon be time to start looking for a new place to dine close to campus. The Subway at the corner of Wood Street and Fourth Avenue is closing its doors for good in the near future.

Sunnat Gulmetov is the general manager of both the Wood Street Subway and the Market Square Subway, the next closest franchise store to campus. He said that the closing was inevitable.

“They sold the building,” Gulmetov said. “The building is going to be a hotel.”

Gulmetov explained that the building is going to be turned into a Garden Inn and will no longer be able to house the Subway location. The contract for the Wood Street Subway was set to last until 2024, but was terminated early once the building was sold.

“There was absolutely no way for the Wood Street Subway to stay open,” Gulmetov said in an interview at the Market Square Subway.

For some students, the student discount available at the Wood Street Subway was very helpful. A sign displayed in Subway reminds students to use it for 10 percent of the original price of the order. Students must present their Point Park ID to qualify.

According to Gulmetov, students will still receive a discount at the Market Square location upon showing their Point Park ID to the cashier. He further elaborated, saying that “we are going to make some coupons for Point Park students.”

He did not mention when or where these coupons would become available.

According to Nathan Nicklas, a freshman cinema production major, most of his meals are split between the Point Cafe and the Lawrence Hall dining. When he does go out to eat, he uses his Point Park student discount at Subway. Nicklas said he doesn’t mind the closing of the Wood Street loaction because of the Market Square Subway.

“You can take a 5 minute walk and get pretty much anywhere,” Nicklas said.

Keera Frye is a freshman broadcast reporting major who also regularly ate at the Wood Street Subway. Frye expressed her own disappointment with the news of the closing for her own reason.

“I just wish that we had more healthy options that were close to us, because that’s the main reason that I go to Subway,” Frye said in an interview in Lawrence Hall.

Frye also used her student discount at the Wood Street Subway fairly frequently. When presented with the news that the Wood Street location was closing, she said that she would consider going to the Market Square location.

The Market Square Subway can be found between Winghart’s and Primanti’s. While it is a longer walk from campus compared to the Wood Street location, the prices at the Market Square location are currently identical to the prices at the Wood Street location.