Phi Beta Lambda prepares to launch ‘Greek Week’ activities

Written By Sarah Gibson, Copy Editor

Phi Beta Lambda (PBL), Point Park’s only professional fraternity, is preparing to hold its second Phi Beta Lambda Week series of events this Sunday, Feb. 4.

PBL Director of Marketing Emily Shahee described the purpose of Phi Beta Lambda Week, since this will only be the second year the club has been in existence and the second year it has held this series of festivities.

“So basically it’s Greek Week,” Shaheen said. “It’s a week full of different activities just to get more students involved and basically just a way to get our name out there since we’re a new organization.”

President of Phi Beta Lambda Zac Seymour shared the organization has planned for this week for several months, preparing a wide variety of events for Point Park students.

“We have the dodgeball tournament and that’s going to be on Sunday the fourth and we have a multitude of other smaller events,” Seymour said, adding there would also be a “Take the Stairs” day, where everyone in West Penn who takes the stairs will get a donut.

“There’s a Valentine’s event in there, although, because [United States Government] really didn’t fund our organization hardly at all this semester, we’re going to have to change that probably to fit within the very small budget we were given,” Seymour said.

Seymour said the purpose of this week is not only to have fun, but to help and reward the community with various events.

“We have this thing called “Business Suits and Sweatpants,” Shaheen said. “We’re giving free LinkedIn profile pictures to all students, because every student needs a LinkedIn.”

Students can come in wearing sweatpants or whatever they’d like, and Phi Beta Lambda will provide suits for students to take profile pictures in from the top up. A full body picture will also be taken and sent to the student.

Another event involves giving gifts to 10 members of university faculty and staff who otherwise go unnoticed as a display of gratitude and recognition, according to Seymour.

PBL is also planning some members-only community service events during Phi Beta Lambda Week aligned with similar projects such as Caps for Kids, one that has since ended.

At the start of January, the fraternity ended their collection of bottle caps for kidney dialysis. The total amount of said bottle caps collected by the end of the year was roughly 20,000. Due to the loss of their contact with the program, despite trying to find a replacement over winter break, they had to cease collection, according to Joseph Tischler, Director of Operations at PBL.

Seymour pointed out changes coming to the organization in order to make it appeal more to students of all majors.

“We’re a professional fraternity here; we’re not business anymore,” Seymour said. “In fact, we’ve stricken the word “business” from all of our advertisements [and] all of our social media pages, because we’re trying to bring in all majors.”

Seymour explained the fraternity itself has nothing to do with business, but rather great professional experiences.

“It’s going to be a week worth of great fun, and it’s going to be one of the main reasons why Phi Beta Lambda is going to be a club that’s here to stay long after I’ve graduated,” Tischler said.