Pioneer Public – Victor Sule

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Pioneer Public – Victor Sule

Victor Sule

Victor Sule

Victor Sule

Victor Sule

Written By Lauren Clouser, Co-Features Editor

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Victor Sule had never left his home country of Nigeria until he came to America this summer. After earning his undergraduate degree in botany in Nigeria, Sule came to Point Park to study environmental studies.

Sule said he picked Point Park because it was not too big or too small, and because he wanted to visit America.

“I am an adventurer; I want to experience as much of the world as I can,” Sule said. “And what better place to start with than America?”

Sule was attracted to Pennsylvania because of the state’s history. 

“Pennsylvania has always been a great state with a great tradition, and so I wanted to study one of the most historic states in America, and I believe Pennsylvania is one of them,” Sule said.

Sule’s first impression of Pittsburgh was how beautiful the city was.

“The first thing that I noticed is a lot of bridges everywhere, and the three rivers. I mean Pittsburgh is a great geographical location. So my first impression was ‘this is an amazing city.’ Beautiful architecture, design and a lot of bridges,” Sule said.

Sule said that one of the biggest adjustments he has had to make is getting used to the “annoyingly cold” weather.

Sule is also adjusting to the food. He said he did enjoy pizza, however, and cited Domino’s and Genoa’s as favorites.

After graduation, Sule plans to become an environmental advocate.

“I’m thinking about becoming an environmental advocacy person, you know, always pushing onto the policy makers,” Sule said.

Sule said he has not found as many opportunities to play soccer that he hoped for and that modeling has currently been stalled until he can find transportation, but he still remains undeterred.

“I haven’t given up, I don’t give up…it’s all about proving yourself that you’re up to the task,” Sule said.

Sule said that meaningful travel, or traveling with a plan and purpose, is as important as a formal education. 

“I believe these things are as important as my studying my program in environmental studies. I need to go around and see how people behave, and I feel like that is as important as my program in environmental studies,” Sule said.

Sule is particularly interested in seeing the differences in behavior in different states, and hopes to visit them all.

“What I came to notice, again, being here, is that different states have like slightly different traditions. It’s like the whole 50 states have 50 different traditions. That means I want to go to the whole 50 states,” Sule said.

Sule hopes to stay in America after graduation to make a difference.

“I do want to stay definitely,” Sule said. “And I hope I can make a difference because if you’re staying somewhere and you’re not making a difference, why come in the first place?”

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