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Grades slow down men’s basketball team’s record, spirits remain high

Written By Tramell Perry

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According to Point Park men’s basketball coach Gabe Bubon last Monday that despite his team’s hardworking and unselfish nature, losing several important players due to grades and injuries has hindered their success this season.

After beginning the season with an impressive win on the road at Wilberforce University, the Point Park men’s basketball Pioneers are 4-18 overall and 1-12 in River State Conference play thus far on the season with four games remaining.

“Between losing guys to grades and injuries, we lost most of our inside presence and that has made it really difficult for us to win games against some of these teams with good size,” Bubon said. “I’m really proud of my guys though because they’ve rallied around each other and competed really hard.”

As a result of losing five key members of the team, the seven players that are still eligible have been forced to play extended minutes.

These extended minutes have worn on some of the players, specifically standout senior point guard John Gavin Rajahpillay.

“The hardest challenge we’ve faced this season has been dealing with losing teammates and all due to grades and having to find a solution for the season. I have a chronic hip pain called CAI and a stress fracture in my heel,” Rajahpillay said.

Along with having to play for longer than they may have otherwise, the shortage of players has forced undersized players to play in the paint where they wouldn’t conventionally play.

“We have a lot of guards so we run well in transition and shoot the three ball pretty well,” redshirt junior guard Cameron Harbaugh said. “Nobody gives up no matter what’s going on.

“We don’t really have big guys. We only have one and we have other people like me playing a bigger position when I’m usually a guard. It hurts us on the defensive end and rebounding only having one big.”

Although their record might not reflect success, the players don’t feel that their record should be the only thing that they are measured by.

“Point Park has been a great fit for me. Freedom to create on offense, opportunities on defense to excel and show my talent defending great opponents,” senior guard Rushan Roberts said. “It’s fun playing with a group of guys who aren’t selfish and are proud to see each other do well on and off the court. The two years that I’ve been here, I don’t want our record to define us.”

“We have had many situations of losing key players. I believe that we could have been a top-tier team without that happening to us.”

The men’s basketball team has one more chance to get in the win column locally on Tuesday against crosstown rival Carlow University.

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