‘Only Love’ movement holds anti-bullying photo campaign

Written By Sarah Gibson, Copy Editor

Valentine’s Day, students gathered in the Lawrence Hall Lobby to share the love at an event held with the Only Love campaign.

Only Love is a group that promotes inclusion and diversity and is specifically aimed towards supporting the LGBTQ community. Office of Student Life assistant Hannah Su Hepler and annual organizer of this event explained that the organization holds these gatherings to raise awareness to bullying in certain communities and show support.

“It is an anti-bullying photo campaign specifically geared towards the LGBTQ community, but taking on bullying as a whole on campuses,” Hepler said. “You sign a pledge to speak only love for twenty four hours, so like signing up for an anti-bullying pledge.”

Kelsey Wolfe, a sophomore public relations and advertising major also expressed her own support for the cause and what it stands for.

“I think that it’s something that’s important, just because it does promote the community, and Point Park is such a diverse campus,” Wolfe said. “We have a lot of different people coming from different backgrounds, but Only Love is very inclusive and I think it’s something that every college campus should promote is love and acceptance.”

The event offered the opportunity to sign an anti-bullying pledge and to take pictures with friends featuring colorful props in front of a white background to show support for the cause.

Alyssa Lowe, a sophomore education major and volunteer for the event, also supported the event, and saw it as a sort of positive message from the school.

“To me, I think it’s a good way to spread positivity, and to spread a message that one, students at Point Park don’t tolerate bullying, and Point Park also doesn’t tolerate bullying,” Lowe said.