Pioneer Public – Wesley Ehle

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Pioneer Public – Wesley Ehle

Written By Lauren Clouser, Co-Features Editor

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Wesley Ehle started making his own movies when he was around five years old.

“That was the bug I guess,” Ehle said, “And then I continued making movies and everything up until now. That’s kind of where I always wanted to go.”

Ehle is a senior BFA acting major, and has a screenwriting minor in order to enter into the world of film.

Ehle writes, directs, acts, and performed in numerous shows during his time at Point Park, including, ‘”You on the Moors Now.”

Ehle also manages Pinnacle Productions, Point Park’s student-run theater company.

“My sophomore year I directed a play, and then that’s how I really started getting involved with Pinnacle. I took over as artistic director my junior year, and then I’m still the artistic director. In those two years we’ve done 22 shows total in two years,” Ehle said.

This March, Ehle is directing a play for Pinnacle called “The Weird.”

In addition to directing, Ehle is also currently working on “Updating,” a comedy web series.

“It’s a seven episode short-form comedy series about this girl named Lindsey, who’s in her 20s. She wants to get back into the modern dating world and she doesn’t know how, and so her best friend kind of becomes her life coach and he’s awful at it,” Ehle said.

Ehle plays the life coach, and is co-directing.

“I make this joke all the time I’m like ‘What hat am I wearing right now?’ Because I wrote it, I’m directing it, I’m producing it, I’m starring in it and anything else that people need I just kind of do it.”

Ehle is also one of the founders of Not on My Campus. The club was founded by Ehle and Syrah Sherwood in 2016, and works to raise awareness for sexual violence on campus. Ehle is currently the club’s president.

“Syrah and I both agreed that it’s a topic that’s not talked about enough on most campuses, but our campus especially, and we wanted to bring a student-to-student approach to the topic and to kind of get the conversation going,” Ehle said.

In the future, Ehle plans to move to Los Angeles to work in the film business, and hopes to stay involved with theater.

“I just love like the intimate feel of underground theater and that kind of thing, so I’m definitely going to keep doing theater. I love directing for theater, so I want to keep doing that, but film is where I feel like I’m supposed to be,” Ehle said.


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