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The Globe’s Point – Live fast, die working pretty hard

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The Globe’s Point – Live fast, die working pretty hard

Written By Editorial Board

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Contrary to the seemingly popular belief of our elders, not all “millennials” are lazy and unmotivated. We face one of the most competitive job markets to date – pushing many within the younger population to go above and beyond to get ahead.

Those belonging to older generations complain about the work ethic of those younger than them, throwing an umbrella of skepticism and doubt over top an entire generation.

Being a young person pursuing a career today isn’t that easy in the current economic climate. We at The Globe can tell you firsthand we don’t have a second out of the day to be lazy.

Education is an expensive endeavor, requiring a lot more students to carry jobs while trying to balance demanding classes. We are then told by our professors being present in class and getting good grades isn’t enough anymore.

Someone who really wants a job fresh out of college needs to put in hours at extracurricular endeavors – anything that can set you apart from the droves of college graduates hitting a market already crowded by their elders.

We recognize that there are in fact lazy people in our generation, but we also know there are lazy people in every generation.

We’ve been criticized by those who have raised us as being unmotivated and disconnected from reality, when many of us have too many things on our to-do lists to even sleep.

We may not all be putting in long hours at a single job five days a week, but I guarantee the young waitress or the smiling face in your favorite retail store are probably doing a pretty good job at balancing quite a few responsibilities.

In reality, we are preparing ourselves for the mess we’ve inherited. Give us a break and open your eyes to the immense change we are enacting, instead of complaining about the little things we may be missing from the sheer exhaustion of carrying too much weight.

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